What About Candles?

Let’s turn our attention to candles this week.  How many of you make candles?  Do you make soap and bath and body, as well, or just candles?

At one time essential to daily living, candles now provide us a serene or romantic ambience when lighting a dark room.  Their endless colors and designs decorate our homes and other spaces.  Their scents bring us pleasure, evoking memories of the past, or just making us feel good.

No longer limited to tallow, we now make candles with paraffin, soy, or palm oil, beeswax, or gel.  Are there any I missed?  Even the types are unlimited–jar, pillar, votive, and so on, and the colors and designs that can be made, endless.  So much to try, so much to know!

What kinds of candles did you start with?  How would you suggest that a “newbie” begins?


5 Responses to “What About Candles?”
  1. Katherine Quinones says:

    I started with paraffin pillar candles and now work with all of them. I have a group on Facebook called Anderik Candles where you can join, comment and check out all the photos. I enjoy making candles as much as I enjoy making soaps. If you haven’t tried candlemaking yet, you should seriously consider it….

    Katherine Quinones
    Arecibo, Puerto Rico

  2. SavonTalk says:

    Thanks Katherine! One of these days . . .

  3. Peg says:

    I love beeswax in candles, even a small amount makes a difference in the flame, texture, and feel of a candle, so when I started making candles I experimented with different blends. I have played with container candles and am still trying to find that perfect paper core wick for my blend, but primarily work with votives and pillars. For a newbie I would highly recommend reading Betty Oppenheimer’s The Candlemaker’s Companion for a good basic understanding of candles, then start working with what would be interesting to him or her and go from there. http://www.bittercreek.com has great prices on candle fos and supplies.
    Just remember, this can be highly addicting, so go slow, take good notes, and have fun! :D

  4. SavonTalk says:

    That’s excellent advice, Peg. Thank you!

  5. Jackie says:


    I started with gel candles and was instantly hooked! Now I have added soy to the mix and am just starting to branch out to paraffin and palm waxes. The options and creativity are endless! It is very addictive, but so much fun. I have turned my passion into a business and want to create a candle community on my website. A place for users as well as candle makers to come together and chat and share information. I am interested in sharing candle making experiences with others. It is fun to do and learn together.


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