The Soaper, the Shaker, the Candlestick Maker. . . Get Together

Have you ever met up with fellow soap and candle makers?

If not, you really should!  There’s nothing like being with those who understand your passion.  The Saponifier publishes information about conferences and gatherings, both in the magazine and on our blog.  If you’re the host of an event, send the information to, and we’ll make sure it gets published.

Have you got a good soap story?  We’re looking for freelance writers to add to the magazine, and we might be looking for you!  We’re looking for humor, for how you overcame a problem, how you started your business, anything that your fellow readers will identify with.  Surely, you have one!

We welcome reader letters.  Tell us how we’re doing.  What are your favorite parts about the Saponifier?  What do you look forward to every issue?  What would you like to read about?  We welcome reader comments.

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