It’s Here!

The newest issue has arrived at your mailbox. Have you had an opportunity yet to read the latest edition of the Saponifier?

If your answer is, “Yes,” we hope that you loved it, cover-to-cover.  If your answer is, “No,” then we hope you get to it!

The theme of this issue is bases–soap bases and cosmetic bases of all kinds.  Do you need them?  Do you want them?  What will they do for you?

Don’t skip Tamara’s editorial at the beginning.  She speaks about working smarter, not harder–something many of us need to be reminded of.  It gets us off on the right foot in reading this issue to help us work efficiently at our businesses and hobbies, which is a real necessity if we’re to make the most of what we do.

Have you ever considered making your own bases?  You can, you know, and the article, “DIY Bases” by Beth Byrne, shows you how easy it is.  You’ll love the time you saved, as well as the satisfaction gleaned from making your own!

What do you know about QR Codes?  If you’re scratching your head, muttering, “QR Codes?”  you’ll be fascinated, reading this article by Tamara Dourney.  Keeping you abreast of new technology is our business, and QR Codes are among the newest.  This up and coming concept holds a world of exciting opportunities if we embrace it.

Curious?  Start reading!