Bases, Bases, Who’s Got the Bases?

What a terrific issue!  I am thoroughly enjoying the time I get to spend reading this issue of the Saponifier.

I was looking forward to reading Marla Bosworth’s review of melt and pour soap bases.  She certainly delivered in this article, as she took on the major sellers and solicited reviews from soapmakers.  Did reading her article help you to decide which one you’d like to try?  I liked that she established criteria for testing the bases.

Tamara Dourney’s article, Redesigning the Market Stall, was excellent, as well, giving us tips to increase sales, from business plan to focus groups.  Anyone selling at shows will benefit from reading this one.

A Canadian soapmaker, Louise Vargas, was the spotlight of Lindalu Forseth’s article.  Find out how she went from the bookstore to establishing her own business.  She’ll share her success with you!

Are you thinking about using bases for all or part of your product line?  Don’t order anything until you read, The Basics on Bases:  A Review, by Beth Byrne.  She solicited the opinions of other soap and cosmetic makers in order to bring you a good deal of information that will surely help you to decide which bases you want to work with.  This may help you to choose the best one for your needs.

What do you think so far?