Selling Seasonal Items; is it a Good Idea?

With Easter just ended, I got to wondering how many of us produce holiday products.

Did you make and sell or give away anything specifically with an Easter/Passover theme? If so, are you now sitting on bath bomb eggs and thinking your bunny soaps reproduced by themselves?  No pun intended with the eggs, of course. . . well, OK, pun entirely intended.


It seems to me that seasonal creations are a two-edged sword. On the one edge, they enhance our product lines and give us the opportunity to sell more product as customers buy holiday offerings for gifts and home. That translates to sales and profits, of course, so it seems like a great idea. If you’re a hobbyist, seasonal creations are fun to produce and make great gifts for family and friends.


Looking at the other edge of the sword, however, our product ideas need to be planned out so that the items are ready well ahead of time so that we can start promoting them early. It also means extra production time, as well as increasing our marketing efforts. After all that, we are possibly left with product that is no longer in demand   and are then faced with storage issues or selling at a reduced cost, thus lowering profits.


It seems safer to create a regular line and not manufacture holiday products, but we may need to stop and consider how including them increases overall sales. Holiday products also allow us to introduce something new and fresh without requiring us to add them to our regular lines, which can be very appealing to the already overworked small business person.


What do you do? Do you make the products in the hopes or knowledge that it will be worth the effort in the long run? Or, do you feel that the risk of the loss associated with left over product is too much to make your efforts worthwhile?


Until next time, I hope you are busy in bubbles and wax!

Beth Byrne