What About Candles?

Let’s turn our attention to candles this week.  How many of you make candles?  Do you make soap and bath and body, as well, or just candles?

At one time essential to daily living, candles now provide us a serene or romantic ambience when lighting a dark room.  Their endless colors and designs decorate our homes and other spaces.  Their scents bring us pleasure, evoking memories of the past, or just making us feel good.

No longer limited to tallow, we now make candles with paraffin, soy, or palm oil, beeswax, or gel.  Are there any I missed?  Even the types are unlimited–jar, pillar, votive, and so on, and the colors and designs that can be made, endless.  So much to try, so much to know!

What kinds of candles did you start with?  How would you suggest that a “newbie” begins?