Handcrafted Soap in the Media: Good or Bad?

Have you seen the advertisement on t.v. mentioning “homemade soap?”


The ad portrays two people meeting at a restaurant.  The woman is thinking to herself as she eats a hamburger about how the gentleman isn’t quite how he described himself online.  He then slides a bar of soap toward her that he had made and the announcer says something to the effect that his homemade soap is yet another thing less than desirable about him.  (Thanks to my cyberfriend, Elin Criswell, for pointing this ad out.)


What do you think when you see the ad?  Are you offended that the soap was meant to be a negative activity, as in, “What kind of guy makes soap?”  Or are you tickled to see soap in the mainstream to the point where it’s mentioned in the media?


Personally, I am feeling ambivalent about the commercial.  It’s obvious that the soap is not seen as a high-quality, desirable item or hobby, yet perhaps as they say, “Any publicity is good publicity.”


What about you?  Are you ready to start a letter-writing campaign protesting their characterization of handcrafted soap and therefore, those who make it?  Or are you already planning how you can parlay the publicity into positive marketing for your business?  Let us know how you feel.


Until next time, may each day include lots of bubbles and wax.


Beth Byrne