Herbal Spa Weekend!

I suppose that by now, all of you who are subscribers have taken the opportunity to peruse your newest issue.

The Herbal Spa Treatments by Erica Pence were so wonderful-looking that I relaxed simply by reading the article.  If you’ve never done an herbal infusion before, her instructions were helpful and easy to understand.  If  you’ve never tried any of these treatments, make it a home spa weekend.  If you have tried them, make it an herbal spa weekend!

Sherri Reehil-Welser’s Saving Face was another informational and interesting article, with so much on natural products and oils that we can all use to pamper our skin.  In fact, do you know which foods have alpha hydroxy acids?  You will if you pay attention to Sherri.

For Elin Criswell fans, you’ll see a review of her recently published and popular book, by Beth Byrne.  The concept Elin used to get the money for publishing is definitely out of the ordinary.  Our hats off to you, Elin!  Readers and friends, what do you think of her unusual fundraising efforts?

You can also catch up with some of your other favorite soap authors in this issue, as several of them have written new books.   Check them out.

What’s on your plate for the weekend?  Take my advice and plan a little “me” time, using some of the ideas from the magazine.  Take some time to relax and read it if you haven’t, then decide what you’d like to do.  Get your supplies and equipment out, get the kids and the hubby out of the way, and pamper yourself.  It’s OK, you’ve earned it!