Oh, Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer!

Proms are taking place–graduation ceremonies, too.  The school year is near or at its end and those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer are almost upon us in the Northern Hemisphere.  Soon, we’ll be sleeping in, taking picnics and lying in our hammocks with a cold beverage at our sides.


I can hear you now.  “Lazy?  I don’t think so!”  I know and I agree.  Still, you must admit that it sounded good for awhile, didn’t it?  Ever since I became an adult I wondered who was enjoying those lazy, hazy days, because it wasn’t me!  Crazy yes; lazy and hazy, not so much.  In fact, this time of year is probably second only to Christmas holiday season for many of us, especially if we are gearing up for or already selling at  summer festivals.  We’re more likely making product at a hectic pace than we are lying in a hammock. (Naturally, you will want to take some time to soak in the newest edition of the Saponifier, and read up on everything moisturizing!)


Even so, it’s exciting to get ready for the summer sales season (say that three times fast), whether you have a brick-and-mortar shop in a resort town, you sell at the many festivals taking place or you wholesale to stores.  You have the opportunity to critique yourself this season, as well.  Are you focusing on your business plan?  Is your product line popular and pared to the best products?  Is your display as attractive as it should be?  Are you charging appropriately for your costs?  If you find yourself perfectly on target, it’s time for a pat on the back and a nudge to keep on going.  If not, watch for what you need to change and get your plan in place.


I don’t think I can give you any tips that will promise you that lazy summer, but if it’s going to be crazy, it might as well be a good and profitable crazy!


Welcome to the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer.


Until next time, may your days be full of bubbles and wax.


Beth Byrne for the Saponifier

Fair and Festival Fun

How many of you sell at outdoor summer festivals and shows?

This season has recently begun for most parts of the USA.  Sellers have checked out their tents, packed their boxes and coolers, and are getting ready to sell or are in the swing of  things. As a vendor at such a sale, you’ll see all manner of handcrafted product and yummy, albeit unhealthy food treats.  If you’re fortunate, you’ll be treated with performances of live music. Festival goers are enjoying the sunshine and their surroundings, purchasing goods from crafters.  You’re getting into the spirit of the day/weekend, and all is well.

Of course, the not-so-rosy picture of outdoor shows also emerges.  It’s cold and rainy when you set up, the crowds are sparse and the band is loud and annoying.  Things go from bad to worse.  The wind picks up, it rains harder, and your tent is threatening to take to the sky.  I read an account of a scenario even worse than that in Columbus, OH recently.  The storm cell apparently developed at the show, and everyone was caught with virtually no warning.  Tents flew and untold dollars worth of product were ruined, not to mention the hours spent and the original handwork of many artists, lost.

If you do outdoor summer sales, what have you learned that you can share with others?  Do you have special tips for keeping product from melting in the hot summer sun?  Ways of keeping product dry in the event of rain?  How do you keep your tent anchored?  What is in your show box?

My suggestion is to bring food and plenty of cold water.  You’ll feel better if you can eat food from home when you’re hungry, rather than filling up on “fair food,” whenever you can sneak a few minutes, or go hungry because you don’t have time to leave your booth and stand in line.

What’s your tip to share?