Miami, Purple, and Inspiration

I recently had the privilege of attending the HSMG (Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild) conference in Miami, Florida.

Not only was it a treat to visit the warmth and intriguing culture of Miami, but it was also a treat to meet with some of our readers.  You were all very kind in sharing your positive comments about how you loved the Saponifier, and it was very gratifying and encouraging to hear.  If you haven’t subscribed yet, take the plunge and join the Saponifier family!

So, have you learned what Purple Salsify is yet?  I was curious to find out about it as it is a new herb to me, and was excited to read that it would probably grow in my climate!  Now, just to find some of this elusive and uncommon herb. . .

Eucalyptus Oil is one that the majority of us are at least somewhat familiar with.  If you don’t use it for soaps, cosmetics and medicinal products, you’ve probably used the cough drops when suffering with upper respiratory infections.  Thinking I wouldn’t find much new information about this common essential oil, I was surprised to read that it is being grown outside of Australia.  To see that it is grown in Tasmania is one thing.  To learn that it is also grown in southern Ireland, Italy, Spain, and Portugal is quite another!  As with any essential oil, but sure to do extensive research on its safe usage before employing it in your products.

Did you see the Soapers’ Showcase?  Wow!  Silvia Victory’s (Indulgence by S.V. Soaps, Idaho) creations are indeed unique, and her use of color and texture, exhilarating.  Amber West’s (Bambu Earth, California)  natural soaps were simply inspiring.  And to think, they are all naturally colored.  Her labels are plantable, too.  These ladies are exhibiting the very best in beautiful soapmaking.

Until next time, happy bubbling and waxing!

What’s Ahead?

Are you thinking about the next issue of the Saponifier?

I can tell you that we’ve all been working very hard on this one, to make it compelling to read, and full of information you can use!

Purple Salsify

For instance, what do you know about Purple Salsify?  Uh huh, that’s what I thought–but you’ll learn all about it in our Herbal Monograph.

Something that’s likely to be more familiar, Eucalyptus essential oil, will also be discussed.  Get ready with your favorite Koala Bear.  Even though you probably know something about eucalyptus already, we’re betting you’ll learn some new tidbits that you can use.

Natural Bath for Babies & Children

Got kids?  We’ve got a great article on products for children in the Herbal Wisdom column.

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