Scrub a Dub Dub. . . in the Shower

Do you make shower scrubs?  No, I don’t mean products you scrub your shower with.  I mean the ones you scrub your body with.


At their most basic, they are made of a simple mix of salt and oil.  Just pour salt into a container and add oil to cover.  Scent may also be added.  Why salt?  Salt is used because not only can it be obtained finely ground, but because it draws toxins from the body and contains valuable vitamins and minerals for the skin.  A certain well-known company offers them this way.


However, others are emulsified so that the mixture is consistent throughout, no stirring required at use.  They don’t leave the tub oily, either, making them favored by many.  They’re a little more trouble to make, but well worth it to those who like to use them.


Some use sugar instead of salt as sugar contains lactic acid that will help tone and clear the skin.  In addition, ground oats or herbs are preferred by many.  Jojoba beads might be added for color and exfoliation.


Are  you dizzy yet?  Not surprisingly, it seems that everyone making scrubs has a favorite formula.  Even emulsified scrubs are made with varied emulsifiers such as e-wax, BTMS, and polysorbate 80.


What is your favorite scrub like?  If you care to share a recipe, our readers would love to try it!

Until next time, happy bubbles and wax!


Beth Byrne