The Saponifier: September/October, 2012–Fun Projects for Everyone!

By now, you’ve probably read your entire issue of the Saponifier.  So much useful information in just one issue!


Lara Fiorelli’s advice in, Captivating Holiday Party Decor, was welcome to many of us planning either home sales parties or even our own personal holiday decorating.  I’m sure that many of us will be saving this article to use as a guide.


I found Aaron Polczynski’s article, Memory From the Suds, from the standpoint of an interested observer of the soap maker to be an interesting read, as well.  We don’t usually get such a good description of  how others view our work, so reading how Aaron feels about his father’s soapmaking was indeed a treat to read.  How many of us could identify with Aaron’s father as he grew in skill and confidence!


If using natural colorants in soapmaking has been a desire of yours, I’m sure you devoured,  Natural Colorants:   Herbs, Botanicals and Clays, as Erica Pence details the various process of extracting color from herbs.  You’ll find the accompanying chart very handy for future reference, as well.


Erica also gives us a candle lesson in, Yummy Candle Treats:  Fun Food-Inspired Candles, which, I’m sure, is inspiring many for the upcoming gift giving season.


Do you like marshmallows?  Make them with soap!  Tamara Dourney tells us how in, Marshmallow Melt and Pour Soaps. What a fun project for the holiday season!


Last, but not least, Elizabeth Sokol tempts our imagination and desires with her herbal monograph, Cabbae Rose.  You’ll be fascinated with its history and intrigued by its many uses.  The ages old rose has captivated us from the beginning.


Go forth and make soap and candles!


Until next time, may your days be filled with bubbles and wax.


Beth Byrne