Three S’s – Sustainability, Sleeping and a Scottish Soapmaker

Now that you’ve had ample opportunity to read the Nov/Dec. issue of the Saponifier, we can talk.


Sustainability–we’ve all heard the term, but what does it really mean, especially in light of the aromatic trade?  The simple definition involves how current practices in using various natural resources affect the future, whether in our lifetime or in later generations.  Tamara Dourney focuses on the aromatic trade in,  An Exploration of Trade in the Aromatic Market, which encompasses raw materials and products from perfume to medicine.  But what does it mean to you?  Are current global efforts at sustainability adequate or woefully inadequate?  How does your opinion on the topic affect your purchasing and product decisions?  Let us know!


Changing gears a bit, Denise Marks of the Mold Market illustrates a short lesson in sleeping with the enemy.  What does she mean by that?  By relating the tale of her climbing into bed one night, only to find herself in bed with her grandson’s army set, Denise compels us to think about how our businesses might actually be enhanced and strengthened by collaborating with our competition rather than quashing it, especially in this global economy.


How do you feel about this?  Will “sleeping with the enemy” kill your business or make it better?


Changing gears once again, Lindalu Forseth introduces us to Corrie Smith, a Scotland soapmaker who owns Lomond Soaps. Corrie describes how she fell in love with making soap and finally began selling it in desperation–to get a bigger house to house her soaps!   She goes on to tell us how she planned and grew her business, all with the love of the Orangutan in mind.


Were you as inspired by Corrie’s story as I was?  Tell us.


Until next time, many happy bubbles!

Beth Byrne