What’s Ahead?

Are you thinking about the next issue of the Saponifier?

I can tell you that we’ve all been working very hard on this one, to make it compelling to read, and full of information you can use!

Purple Salsify

For instance, what do you know about Purple Salsify?  Uh huh, that’s what I thought–but you’ll learn all about it in our Herbal Monograph.

Something that’s likely to be more familiar, Eucalyptus essential oil, will also be discussed.  Get ready with your favorite Koala Bear.  Even though you probably know something about eucalyptus already, we’re betting you’ll learn some new tidbits that you can use.

Natural Bath for Babies & Children

Got kids?  We’ve got a great article on products for children in the Herbal Wisdom column.

Don’t forget!  Subscriptions are BOGO now, but for a limited time.  Buy one subscription at normal price, get the second one free.  What a fabulous gift for a soapmaking friend!