Babies & Bases and Codes and Spaces

Have you tried anything formulas or ideas from the new issue yet?    Did you learn anything new?

Beth Byrne’s, DIY Bases, will get you started on making your own soap and cosmetic bases if you’re set on your own formulas, but need to save time.  Have you tried any yet, or are you planning to try making your own?  I think making your own bases is among the best ideas for smaller businesses who are working to be as efficient as possible.

Tamara Dourney’s article about QR Codes was very informative and on the cutting edge of technology.  It’s exciting to think about the possibilities that using these codes hold for our future.  Don’t wait.  Jump in now!

I read with interest Erica Pence’s article, Natural Bath for Babies and Children, about using essential oils in baby care, and will take heed of her recommendations as I make products for the babies in my life.  It’s so important to learn all we can about essential oils before we use them, and doubly so when we intend them for use with infants.

With the craft show season upon us, Tamara Dourney’s, Redesigning the Market Stall is a timely piece challenging and encouraging those of us who do shows to give our set-ups some thought and thinking of new solutions to the problem of merchandising in small, temporary spaces.  Anyone who has tried it will understand how important it is to design booths to maximize exposure and attract customers, all in a 10 x 10 square!  Study the photos and see if you can glean some tips for your booth.

I’m sure that by now, you’ve read at the least, a few articles.  Let us know what you think!