What do You Really Know About Fragrance Oils, and Other Goodies for Soapers

I was happy to read Cindy Noble’s, Understanding Fragrance Oils:  From Blending to Safety.  Learning about the building blocks of fragrance oils, terpens, carriers, alcohols, and chemical compounds helped me to understand what a fragrance oil is other than a bunch of chemicals mixed together with a carrier to make them skin safe.  Many of the terms I was familiar with, but not in the defined way Cindy presented them.  Some of it, I admit, was a little shocking, but fascinating, nonetheless.

In the delightful article, My Soap Went Up in Smoke, Larry Strattner regales us with his tale of his soap adventures and his good friend, Deb.  Through them, we learn that some basic rules and tricks of the trade would be useful for us to share with our customers.  This one was how we could help our customers keep their soap longer and proper storage of soap bars.  Your customers would be pleased to learn this information!

H.R. 2359:  heard of it?  How about its title, Safe Cosmetics Act of 2011?  If you haven’t, you need to read, An Update on H.R. 2359:  Safe Cosmetics Act of 2011.  In one page, it sums up what the bill is about, its status and popularity, and commentary on why some support it and others oppose it.  It’s something you need to know about!  This bill was not sent to the House for a vote before their session ended in June, but may be brought up again when they reconvene, so any soap/cosmetic maker would do well to become familiar with the bill and track its progress.

Which article was most helpful to you?