Soap: Something to Brag About

Hand sanitizer, soap, anti-bacterial cleanser, which one cleans best? Do you ever feel that your soap might be a little too easy on germs or do potential customers go elsewhere because you don’t offer a soap with an anti-bacterial?


Good news! In a recent study sponsored by ABC news, all of the above products were tested as to efficacy, and regular soap ranked right up there with hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial soap. In fact, soap ranked better than alcohol-based sanitizer. Furthermore, since the FDA has come out advising consumers not to use anti-bacterial soap because it assists in creating microbes that are increasingly immune to agents used to kill them, soapmakers truly have a product to gloat about. Now we have evidence.


Notice, however, that soap does not kill microbes, but rinses them off the skin and down the drain. The cleansing action of soap is sufficient cleansing. Please do not claim that your soap kills germs! This classes your product as a drug and is therefore subject to the FDA’s drug regulations. Other countries have regulations in place governing their products, as well.


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Until next time, may your days be filled with bubbles and wax.


Beth Byrne for the Saponifier

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