Soap & Candles, or Candles & Soap?

With our recent candle discussion, I’ve been wondering about a few things.

How many of our readers create both soap/bath & body and candles?  Which came first, the soap or the candles?   What led you from one to the other?  Which sells better?

Other than the historical precedence of a local candle/soap maker supplying the town with their goods, what ties the two crafts together?  Is it the fragrance, or something else?

Since soapmaking and candlemaking are two very distinct processes, we certainly cannot assume that one leads to the other on a knowledge-based level.  Knowing how to make soap, for example, does not uniquely qualify an individual to make make candles.  Nevertheless, something certainly entices many to expand their skill sets from one to the other.  Is it that mastering another craft that uses fragrances already owned  makes sense?   Is the motivation for learning a new skill the realization that  offering more  products in a certain scent to give prospective customers more to choose from?

Curious minds want to know!  Please share your story.


4 Responses to “Soap & Candles, or Candles & Soap?”
  1. Alex Crow says:

    For me, it all started with the fragrance. I’m sure that few will be surprised at that. But since candles were easier, with supervision by my grandmother, i made my first scented candle at age 10. 36 years later, after SO much soaping, candle making, fragrance blending, i still find solace in the pour of the wax into the mold of a candle and a new bar of soap with a new fragrance blend, in the shower. For me, it’s not “either/or” it’s both/and. But it all started out with a block of wax, some crayons for color and some essential oils to blend for a fragrance, three and a half decades ago.

  2. Katherine Quinones says:

    Well I started out with candles. First came the paraffin wax, then came gel and palm wax. After that I started with the MP (Melt & Pour) soaps which I enjoyed greatly but after a while I wanted to start off with the cold process. With CP I am a total newby…been at it for the past 5 months so I’m still having “fun” with that one. I must say I enjoy both….candles and soap!

    Katherine Quinones
    Arecibo, Puerto Rico

  3. SavonTalk says:

    Well said!

  4. SavonTalk says:

    Well, you’re very adventurous! I’m glad you’re enjoying your new venture into CP soapmaking.

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