Nov/Dec 2015

Focus: Favorites


  • Savoir Faire
    Love Your Enemy, by Melinda Coss
  • In The Lab
    Little White Lyes, by Kevin Dunn
  • Chemist Corner
    Creating Professional Products: A Basic Guide to Polymers/Gums, by Jane Barber
  • Herbal Wisdom
    The Favorite Musings of an Herbalist, By Natalie J Wilson
  • Candles
    My Wax and Scent Faves, by Kyli Wolfson
  • Potpourri
    How to Host a Successful SPA NIGHT for Both You and Your Customers PART 1, by Suzanne Finley
  • Wit & Whimsy
    My Raves and Faves, by Anissa Patten


Raves for Faves 2015, by Marina Tadiello


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