Sensuality, Business, Hedgehogs, it’s all here!

This issue of the Saponifier is so jam-packed with articles for you to enjoy, new things to learn, and great advice!

Sensuous massage candles, doesn’t the very name conjure up images of candlelight, warmth, and intimacy?  Who wouldn’t want a massage with one of these?  Erica Pence has given us many ideas for making and scenting these luscious products.  It makes even candle novices eager to give them a go!  Erica’s article give us all the details on which essential oils will work and what they add to the candle and massage.  You’ll be inspired.

When you try them, I do hope you’ll report how they work for you!  Be careful, but enjoy yourself.

Perhaps it’s time for business advice, and you’re looking for help with that all-important goal of making a profit.  Alexander Sherman has written a fantastically informative article on margins in business.  Do you know your company’s gross margins, operating margins, and net margins?  If you do, you’ll be better at containing costs so that you can make profits.  Be sure to take time to read this one if you own or contemplate owning a business.

Be sure to check out the Readers’ Showcase Gallery and be in awe at what your fellow soap, candle, and b&b buddies are up to!  I never cease to be amazed at what wonderful things you all come up with, and I can’t wait to see what’s new each issue. Janie Clark of is featured.  Check out what her products have to do with Hedgehogs.

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