Perfumery, Distillation, and Faves–it’s all Here

Have you been pouring over your new issue of the Saponifier?  I have.  

Thanks to those who participated in the Raves for Faves survey (by Beth Byrne) by taking the time to vote honestly and carefully.  How did your favorites match up to those that placed?  Were you surprised at the outcome?  Of course, we all know that many amazing companies serve our industry; still, it was fun choosing the top three in each category.

It was interesting, also, to see how much or how little popular scents and products change over the years.  How does your product line compare?  Do you find your customers enjoying new products and scents or do they stick with the tried-and-true?

Reading,  A Day in the Life of a Natural Perfumer (Marla Bosworth) gave me a new respect for perfumers, as well.  Although I do enjoy blending scents fairly frequently, Sharna Ethier’s knowledge and how she puts it to work was fascinating to me.  I also found it remarkable how young she discovered that she had a keen nose for scent.  Including the recipes was icing on the cake!  Do you see yourself as a budding perfumer?

The Art of Distillation: From History Directly to Your Backyard, by Cindy Noble, was one that I was looking forward to reading.  I don’t think my life will be complete until I have my own distillation unit!  What about you?  Knowing more about the ancients and their love of distilled herbs and other materials was compelling, as was the information gleaned from Copper-Alembic, which manufactures these beautiful devices.

I hope I haven’t given anything away that would spoil your reading, but I did want to whet your appetite if you haven’t had a chance to sit down with it yet.  You’ll be glad  you did!

Until next time, Bubblingly Yours,


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