Oils, Summer, Candles and Capital

This educational issue of the Saponifier is so exciting.  If you didn’t learn anything, then you must know everything!


We’ve all heard facts about soapmaking oils–coconut oil is drying, castor oil produces a hard soap, canola oil causes DOS.  But, is it really true?  Soapmaking Oils; Surprises Afoot, by Beth Byrne is an attempt to answer those questions.  Most people, myself included, learned, believed and repeated what we believed we knew about oils without really testing things out.  After hearing contradictory information,  a single oil soap experiment was born.  Thanks to over twenty soapmakers, we have access to the results of making many kinds soap with one oil and now know the truth.  Is coconut oil drying?  Read the article for yourself!  You’ll also have access here:  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AssGxkRMh7TvdGc4ZmljdUlhV0J3REx2ZkF5cF9VS3c#gid=0

If you don’t see an oil listed and want to make a batch to test and add to our work, please contact me, beth@saponifier.com.  I am seeking to add more oils.

Armed with your new information, try the formulas listed in Erica Pence’s, Natural Summer Formulary.  You’ll find much more than soap ideas! Likewise, Cindy Noble’s, Summer Product Shape Up will be just the kickstart you need to think about warmth and sunshine. While you’re at it this summer, don’t forget to use Erica’s directions for making sand candles!  Oh, and speaking of soap, what about scum?  Tamara Dourney sheds the light on the “scum” claims of advertisers in, Soap Scum:  A Real Problem or Bad PR.?  Weren’t you glad you read that one?

Last but not least, our money guru, Alexander Sherman offers expert advice in his article, Raising Capital.  What small business doesn’t need that kind of help?  Tell us where you got your capital to start your business and/or to expand it.


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Happy bubbles and wax!

Beth Byrne


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