Oil Crazy

In my pre-soaping days, I never dreamed that I would become an oil connoisseur.  And yet, like many soap and bath and body artisans, I have. I love oils!  Trying different kinds in soap and other products and observing how they perform is something I truly enjoy.  I only wish I could try them all.


It’s a good learning experience,  substituting one oil for another and playing with percentages, especially in soap, not only for satisfying my own curiosity, but because  substituting one or more oils for another sometimes becomes necessary.  We see that Possessing  the skills to do so is important to becoming an experienced soap and bath and body artisan.  For instance, when olive oil’s price climbed so high, I learned to make soap without it and found that what I came up with, I liked as much or more than my soaps with olive oil.  Moreover, now that jojoba oil is becoming more difficult to find and prohibitively expensive, I am formulating without it and am finding that I can live without that lovely, liquid wax.  Of course, I will be more than happy to use it again once the price comes down.


Most people wouldn’t understand this thrill that some of us get from testing new oils and in studying the results of swapping out one oil for another, but I have to believe that I am not alone here and that some of  you are shaking your heads up and down in agreement and enthusiasm.  Right?


Tell us whether or not you feel comfortable swapping out oils, what some of your favorite oils are, or which oils you like the most.  I really want to know I’m not the only one!


Until next time, may your days be filled with bubbles and wax.


Beth Byrne

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