News About Soapermakers and Soapmakers in the News!

What are your fellow soapmakers doing these days?  From whom do they purchase supplies and how are they promoting their businesses?


If you’re curious, you’ll soon find out–that is, if you’re a subscriber of the Saponifier Magazine.  We’ve spent a great deal of time compiling votes and getting the results ready for you to peruse, so we’re eager for you see them!


Meanwhile, it’s been exciting to hear reports from my fellow soap/candle makers about their success in getting public exposure for their products.


One such person is Michelle Rhoades, who incidentally, is a Saponifier subscriber.  Michelle recently reported that she has been featured in Southern Living’s Christmas at Home Edition, 2012. She was contacted one day by a representative from Southern Living because they liked her website.  She was skeptical about whether the offer was genuine or not, but it was, and now Michelle’s soap is beautifully photographed and described in the magazine!


Michelle only began making soap in 2009, but quickly, by 2010, in fact, quit her day job and began her business,  Mossy Creek Soap.  Michelle not only sells her soap and candles, but also teaches classes.  She and her husband Dan reside in Kathleen, Georgia, and have an 11 year old daughter. Michelle mentors her 15 year old niece, as well.


Michelle gives the Saponifier partial credit for her success by stating, “. . .  information that I received from Saponifer helped me succeed.”


Another soapmaker, Lauri Isle, of South Bend, Indiana, was also recently featured in Midwest Magazine for her soap, candle and body products business.  Lauri is co-owner with her sister of SACS & Co, a brick and mortar business located in Winona Lake.


You may also recall reading a blog post not long ago about Andrew Fuller of  Tonsorial Parlor and his involvement in the Martha Stewart Handmade contest.  You’ll be interested to learn that he came in third place!  Way to go, Andrew!


A hearty congratulations goes out from the Saponifier to these fine artisans, along with our wishes for great success.


Remember, keep an eye out for the delivery of the Nov./Dec. issue in your mailbox on Nov. 1st!


Until next time, may your days be filled with bubbles and wax.


Beth Byrne


2 Responses to “News About Soapermakers and Soapmakers in the News!”
  1. Thank you Beth for that fabulous shout out! I look forward to my issue of Saponifier Magazine and cannot wait to see what new tips and information you guys have for us! I am delighted that we (as soapmakers) are so lucky to have a bi-monthly magazine with informative articles from talented writers that share our passion for soapmaking.

  2. Lauri Isle says:

    Thank you for the shout out!

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