New Column–Savoir Faire!

We at the Saponifier are delighted to announce that we have added a new column and author

Many of you are quite familiar with the author of soapmaking books, Melinda Coss. Melinda is the author of 27 books on various crafting topics, three of them featuring soapmaking. They include: The Handmade Soap Book, Gourmet Soaps Made Easy and Natural Soap.

What you may not know about Melinda is that she is widely credited as the pioneer of modern cold process soap making in Europe. She began a soap making company in the 1990?s in the UK, which subsequently became the largest company of its kind, supplying UK stores and hotels with soap and other toiletry products. She sold her company in 2004 and moved to France, where she began teaching classes there and in England, which she continues to conduct. She also acts as a consultant to soap making companies. Melinda additionally works with social concerns in Africa.

And now, Melinda will be writing a column for the Saponifier, Savoir Faire.

Join me in welcoming Melinda to the Saponifier!

Until next time, may your days be filled with bubbles and wax.

Beth Byrne

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