March/April 2015

Niche Markets How to Define Your Niche and Target the Right Audience.

Cover Photo: Hajni Kele / Mianra Soaps


  • Savoir Faire
    Nailing your Niche, by Melinda Coss
  • In The Lab
    Nerds and Cheerleaders, by Kevin Dunn
  • Review
    Liquid Soapmaking, by Marina Tadiello
  • Herbal Wisdom
    Achieving Scentual Shine with Rosemary, by Natalie J. Wilson
  • Candles
    Creating a Niche Candle Business, by Kyli Wolfson
  • Potpourri
    Choosing a Niche and Defining your Target Market, by Erica Pence
  • Wit & Whimsy
    I Used to Have a Life, by Anissa Patten


  • Niche Market: The Year of the Beard, by Kathy Tarbox
  • An Introduction to Patents and Trademarks, Part II, by Pamela Ball



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