May/June 2015

Design Mania Our annual soap (contest) design issue.

Cover Photo: Zahida Map / Handmade in Florida • USA


  • Savoir Faire
    The Language of Colour, by Melinda Coss
  • In The Lab
    A Surfactant Slut, by Kevin Dunn
  • Review
    Around the World in Outstanding Designs, Part 2, by Marina Tadiello
  • Herbal Wisdom
    Welcome Spring with a Fresh Herbal Home, by Natalie J. Wilson
  • Candles
    Candle Design: Ignite Your Creativity, by Kyli Wolfson
  • Potpourri
    Developing a Skin Care Line, by Erica Pence
  • Wit & Whimsy
    When Good Soap Goes Bad, by Anissa Patten


(our contest based on the following 4 design techniques)

  • Embedded Circle Soap, by Jodi Berg
  • Flower Power Soap Tutorial, by Sabine Milby
  • The Inverted Stamp Technique – Harnessing Trace for Design, by Clara Lindberg
  • Turkish Ebru-Inspired Soap Tutorial, by Tanya Bainbridge



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