Four Creative Personalities: Which One Are You?

What kind of crafter are you?


I have had fun and my share of challenges in perfecting, at least to my satisfaction, the perfect sugar/salt scrub.  It took me three years to get the product I thought was the best I could make it.  Not three years of constant experimenting, lest I make you think I was churning out batch after batch on a daily basis, but a batch here and there that I would change each time, looking for what was just right.  It was a matter of asking around or pondering what I might have in my workshop that could contribute to the final product I had in mind, putting it to the test and then manipulating the percentages until I was satisfied.


How do you develop products?  Are you a Mad Scientist who can often be seen in your lab (such as it may be) creating mysterious potions?  Or, conversely, are you a Reliable Recipe Follower who must be given a recipe that you follow to a T, and only a calamity will get you to change course?


Most likely, you’re somewhere in the middle.  Perhaps you’re more adventurous than our Reliable Recipe Follower, but you can’t imagine doing anything more innovative than substituting one oil for another in soapmaking or trying new recipes others provide, with only slight changes.  You might call yourself a Timid Tinkerer.


On the other hand, You may be much more willing to experiment and make substitutions than either our Reliable Recipe Follower or even a Timid Tinkerer, but you would never think to call  yourself a Mad Scientist.  You might be an Enthusiastic Experimenter.  You’re unlikely to change the world with a new product that only you have thought of , but you do take inspiration from other products and other producers to take your current products up a notch or two.


None of these descriptions is negative, by the way, just an observation of whom you are as an individual and how it affects your tasks.


A Reliable Recipe Rollower is likely to be efficient and saves money by keeping expenses down.  A Timid Tinkerer is open-minded enough to substitute ingredients and try new products within a certain scope.  This person will likely learn more than her less adventurous sister and adapt better to changing times, but will never be a mover and shaker.


An Enthusiastic Experimenter is usually up on the various methods, ingredients, and trends.  She may have more in her workshop than her less enthusiastic counterparts, but she knows her stuff and she isn’t afraid to try new things or to tweak her current ideas in her quest to make the perfect product.


A Mad Scientist is the person others count on for new ideas.  He is constantly thinking of how to create something brand new or how to twist and tweak a product to make something novel.  This is the person others follow, eager to try out his new ideas.  The downside of a Mad Scientist is that he may have trouble with consistency, clutter, and spending.


Which one are you and how do you feel about it?  Let’s hear your comments!


Until next time, happy bubbles & wax.


Beth Byrne



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