Current Issue

March/April 2014

The “Business” of Soapmaking

Dedicated to helping you
on the road of taking care of your
business. Regardless of which state
your business is in.


  • Working Smarter
    Understanding Suggested Fragrance Guidelines, by Marla Bosworth
  • Herbal Wisdom
    I’m Ready to Start My Business!, by Karen Mallinger
  • In The Lab
    The Proof is in the Pepper, by Kevin Dunn
  • Savoir Faire
    Your Money or Your Life, by Melinda Coss
  • Potpourri
    Labeling, Liability, and Legalities, by Erica Pence
  • Herb Monographs
    Calendula & Comfrey, by Karen Mallinger
  • That’s Life
    Creating a Business in 4 Hours Flat, by Suzanne Finley
  • Candle Column
    Boost Sales with Effective Merchandising, by Diane Pither-Patterson


  • Inspire Yourself by Reaching Higher, by Benjamin Aaron
  • Useful Tools that Save You Time & Maximize Profits, by Marina Tadiello


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