Current Issue

Nov/Dec 2014

Raves for Faves

Reporting this year’s
favorites, interests, and status
of those in the soap and cosmetic
industry, as well as candle makers.


  • Working Smarter
    Turning the Tables on Business Fears, By Marla Bosworth
  • Savoir Faire
    Top Tips for Starting a Soap Biz, by Melinda Coss
  • In The Lab
    Acids and Bases and Salts, Oh My, by Kevin Dunn
  • Interview
    A day with Feleciai, by Marina Tadiello
  • Herbal Wisdom
    Cherished Gifts of the Past, By Natalie J. Wilson
  • Candles
    What’s Hot in Wax, By Diane Pither-Patterson
  • That’s Life
    The Joys of Naval Gazing, by Gauri Maini


  • Raves for Faves 2014, by Erica D. Pence
  • Yes, I Can and Yes I Did: My Soapmaking Favorites, by Katsy Chappell


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