Color My World–or at Least My Soap

Color–one of my favorite topics.


 I find myself drawn to color, which probably explains why I like gardening, flower arranging and soapmaking.  They allow me to enjoy creativity in coloring, whether blending or just enjoying the beautiful hues.  The possibilities in creating color patterns are literally endless and I can admire photo after photo of colorful soaps that my fellow soapmakers have created.  The same is true of candles.  I’m a stickler about the color matching the scent, but I enjoy the many colors and designs in candles.  At the same time, I want to see a lilac scented candle with lots of purple.  Don’t confuse me with something red!


One scent/color combo that I find disconcerting is peppermint.  Have you noticed that it can be red, blue, or green?  How confusing.  Give me something easy like lemon.  The soap or candle will be yellow; but, simple, common peppermint, and I have three choices!  It can really wear on a person trying to decide which color to use in a case like this.


Quite often, a scent doesn’t conjure up an obvious color.  As a matter of fact, I recently made a soap using a sandalwood vanilla fragrance.  What color should it be?  I think it should be a light brown, because sandalwood is a tree and tree trunks are brown.  Also, vanilla beans are brown and the scent will turn the product brown, so I’m just being realistic.  I ended up making it light brown and blue.  Why blue?  I don’t know.  I just liked the blend, and thought it would be appropriate for a unisex soap.  You might say I’m breaking my own rules, and I am.  In my defense, however, I do attempt to offer my customers a variety of colors so that if they’re looking for a soap to match the bathroom or kitchen, I have it and for some reason, I don’t offer much in blue.


Do you feel the same way about color?  Must you color your soap and candles, or is it unimportant to you?  If you use colorants, what are your favorite ones?


Until next time, may your days be filled with bubbles and wax.


Beth Byrne


3 Responses to “Color My World–or at Least My Soap”
  1. Dawn Jones says:

    Beth, I combine fragrances a lot so the scents do not need to be so particular with the color matching the fragrance, however I like the scent to go with the fragrance too. I would not want a blue pumpkin spice soap. It just would be odd to me.

    Dawn Jones

  2. Hi Beth,
    I have a love/hate relationship with color! I long for color in my life, and boldly go forth to make it happen! Then the annoying perfection-seeking quality kicks in and says “that’s all wrong…this isn’t the “perfect” color at all!!!”

    That is true for painting rooms, and for making soap. I do want the color (and even the swirl design) to be perfect! Right now I’m trying to decide what perfect would look like in Cucumber Melon. There too, could be many choices. :-)

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  3. Hi Beth! I am just starting out in my soapmaking and am thoroughly enjoying it. Before I even began, I knew I wanted my colours to match my scents. As Dawn has mentioned, blue pumpkin spice soap would just be odd. I haven’t created to much as of yet, but I am leaning toward natural colourants, and I am sure that will be fun in itself.


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