Celebration Giveaway – Saponifier’s 12th Year!

(c) Rob J Brooks

With the release of our July issue, marking our 12th Anniversary, we thought it might be fun to offer prize packages to three lucky winner’s!

Leave a comment below to win one of three prize packages (see below).  Three winners will be randomly chosen next Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. PST.

(Each Prize Package contains $50.00 in Saponifier store credits (to be used towards subscriptions, renewals, back-issues or anthologies), a hard copy of the booklet ‘Swirling with the Best’, and a copy of the 10-year Herb Anthology)

Each prize package is valued at $100!!

What do you need to do to win? Simply post a comment right here on this post.  You have until Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. PST to leave a comment for a chance to win. Just think “happy mail” in a pretty white envelope!



Congratulations to the above winners!
Please be sure to contact Customer Service with your shipping information so we can ship your package out to you!  Thanks so much everyone for playing along, and for all the tremendous heartfelt comments!


229 Responses to “Celebration Giveaway – Saponifier’s 12th Year!”
  1. Ulrike says:

    Hi !

    Happy birthday to the most outstanding magazine for saponifiers and lots of new ideas and issues, because there ist nothing to be compared on the european continent .

    Best regards and a good time,
    Ulrike from Germany.

  2. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary. Saponifier is a great resource and it just keeps getting better. Thanks for all of your hard work on this.

  3. Happy birthday to you from Norway!
    Each new issue is informative and a great inspiration. Keep up the good work.

  4. Lisa L. Johnsen says:

    Happy Birthday, Saponifier! I am a beginner in soapmaking and love your magazine. Thank you for a wonderful publication!

  5. I love your magazine. It has been a great inspiration and a wealth of information. Congrats for your well deserved 12th year and many, many more.

  6. christie schubert says:

    Here’s to many more Happy Birthdays!!! Congrats, you’re almost a teenager :>

  7. Frieda says:

    Happy Birthday Hope there are many more to come!

  8. Ruh Kohl says:

    Wow, 12 years! What an accomplishment. A great magazine. May you have many more birthdays

  9. Don Eitner says:

    Happy Birthday, Saponifier Magazine, from Slovenia. This is a great magazine and I am grateful for having found it. Thank you for making it available to us soapers.

  10. carol cookson says:

    Happy Birthday . I invited you into my home several years ago and I’ve
    enjoyed you each and every month. Back when I first learned about your magazine, I felt
    like I stumbled into a diamond mine. Well, guess what? It was a diamond mine. Oh how
    much I’ve learned. What a joy you have been. Thank you for all that you are.

  11. Donna DeRosa says:

    Happy 12th. I look forward to each issue. Keep up the great work.

  12. Happy Birthday Saponifier from Greece! I really like your work! Keep up the good work!

  13. Marj Gray says:

    Oh happy birthday to the fabulous portal to all things beautiful. Thank-you from those of us who are addicted to the nectar of your pages. I look forward to the next 12 years!

  14. Sally says:

    Happy Birthday Saponifier! Each issue full of interesting, informative and well-written articles, thank you!

  15. Sarah Janes says:

    Happy Birthday Saponifier :) It has been an exciting journey of exploration and learning fun thanks to your enthusiasm and hard work. Looking forward to next 12 years.

  16. Neslihan says:

    Happy Birthday Saponifier!! I am from Turkey. I do follow you for 3 years. I do appreciate your work. You do a great job! Congragulations.. & Thank you…

  17. Congratulations on such an awesome achievement! 12 years is amazing for an online presence. Wishing you many, many more :)

  18. Claire says:

    Happy birthday, I hope you have many happy returns. You have been such an inspiration to me, I look forward to each issue with excitement. Keep up the good work!

  19. Ingrid de Bree says:

    Happy Birthday from Down Under!
    I really enjoy reading about all the soap, candle, bodycare adventures from everyone published in your ezine. Isn’t technology wonderful!

  20. Anna says:

    Happy Birthday to Saponifier and my sincere congratulations to your wonderful team! Your magazine is a constant source of knowledge and inspiration, so thank you and many happy returns!

    Anna Kostyukhina,
    Moscow, Russia

  21. Patrick says:

    Happy Birthday from the Netherlands!

    It’s always agreat pleasure to read your magazine and I hope you keep doing this at least for the next 12 years!

    Keep up the good work!


  22. Nomiki Georgiadis says:

    Congratulations Saponifier, 12 years strong. I treasure each issue, from tips, to facts to methods. You have travelled with me from Brisbane Australia, to Greece, and back to Australia in Melbourne. I wish you all the best for the next 12 years and beyond. xxxx

  23. Sotiris Stavrakos says:

    Happy 12th birthday!! You have added a new dimension to my life and soap making.

  24. Happy Birthday from Malta Saponifier!!! I came across your magazine a year ago while doing my research to start doing Maltese Olive Oil soap and am really glad I subscribed. I really enjoy reading it from A to Z for it gives lots of ideas and a wealth of information :) Keep up the good work – looking forward to many more…

  25. Patrick says:

    Happy birthday from the Netherlands!

    Keep up the good work!


  26. Pat Showalter says:

    Happy Birthday Saponifier! I look forward to each issue, and am never disappointed. You have included such a broad range of great articles, from fun to serious – a treasure of a soaping magazine! Thank you.

  27. Donna Light says:

    Happy Birthday Saponifier! It’s great to have a magazine dedicated to soapmakers. And your use of colour photography is teriffic.

  28. Mariana says:

    Happyyyyyy Soaping Birthday from Mar D. Jabones!!! Wishing to blow more candles together!!! Love your magazine, you and your team work very hard!!!! Congrats!!!


  29. Sheri Waldron says:

    Happy birthday, Saponifier! Read the magazine cover to cover, each issue and never fail to learn something new or interesting. Keep up the great work!

  30. Jo Blevins says:

    Happy Anniversary from Alaska
    The information that I have got from you E-magazine is “Priceless”

  31. Indigo Earth says:

    What can be better than to realize your magazine has touched so many people giving them the ideas,resources and empowerment to try new things and be creative! All of you at Saponifier deserves a great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY and many more! Celebrate & Enjoy~

  32. Congratulations on your 12th birthday! I’ve been with the Saponifier since it was a print publication and still have some of the old magazines. I’ve always gotten so much out of every issue and learn new and helpful info each time. Thanks.

  33. Elli says:

    Happy Birthday, Saponifier! And I’m always up for some good mail days. (Which, really, is any day that doesn’t include a stack of bills. But a REAL good mail day would be AWESOME. LOL…)

  34. Jo Ann says:

    Saponifier is my absolute Bible for techniques, suppliers, and information. I can’t wait to open each issue! ‘s 12 years already?? Happy Birthday to you!!

  35. Joanna Salata says:

    Happy birthday, Saponifier! You are such an inspiration to me. Your articles are so informative and creative. Thank you for everything you do!

  36. Cindy Autry says:

    Happy Birthday to a wonderful magazine!! I stop everything and read from cover to cover everytime I receive a new issue!! Thanks for making all this information available in such a fun format!

  37. I’ve devoured each issue as it’s arrived, so please continue with the diversity of each issue’s information. I learn something every time.

  38. Norma Surprenant says:

    12 years of soapmaking fun and fascinating information. Always looking forward to discovering what is in the latest issue! To a conntinued happy 13th Year!

  39. mj says:

    Happy birthday and congratulations!!!! hip hip hip hourra!! :)
    blow all your candles and keep the good work ;)

  40. Congratulations on 12 Years and wishing you success for many more! The magazine is a great source of information and ideas – thank you.

  41. Taaj says:

    Love the magazine. It’s always packed with useful information. Happy anniversary- here is to many more.

  42. Patty says:

    Happy Birthday Saponifier! I look forward to reading it every month. Keep up the great work.

  43. Happy b’day!!!
    Always look forward to the next informative issue!!

  44. Lynne says:

    Love the magazine! Keep up the great work.

  45. Happy B’day and congrats on 12 years!! Always look forward to the next informative issue!

  46. Katie says:

    Congratulations on your first 12 years educating, entertaining and inspiring hand crafted soapmakers around the world! With every issue I learn about new techniques and good practices and am encouraged to try something new! I look forward to seeing what the next twelve years brings and I wish you continued success!

  47. Rey says:

    Happy Birthday Saponifier!!!!! You have the best publication that I have read, it does not only provide valued information and tec but also bussness oriented info.
    Keep up the GREAT work

  48. Michael Cappelli says:

    Happy Birthday Saponifier! You don’t look a day over five. Keep up the great work and here’s to twelve more!

  49. Happy Birthday! And thank you, thank you, thank you for putting this magazine together – such an excellent tool. I love it as much as I love Runner’s World…which says a lot :) Keep up the great work!!

  50. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! WOOT! I really like the e-magazine. I look forward to it! I’ve only been reading the e-magazine for a year or so as I was given the original subscription as a gift. I have enjoyed every issue. Thank you so much!

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