The November Issue is out!

Raves for Faves – 4th Annual Readers Choice Awards & Recipe Extravaganza!

The Sept/Oct issue is out!

Advanced Soap

& Candle Making Techniques

The July/August Issue is Out!

July/Aug 2010

FOCUS: Rules & Regulations

Grab a cup, get comfy and prepare to be inspired by all the tips & techniques this issue has to offer!

Feature Articles:

  • Understanding Good Manufacturing Practices: Using Voluntary Implementation To Improve Your Business, by Marla Bosworth
  • Souvenir Soaps, by Tamara Dourney
  • Eight Rules for Running An Online Business, by Stacy Reckard
  • OSHA Compliance: Guidelines For A Safer Workplace, by Tamara Dourney
  • 2010 HSMG Annual Conference a Huge Success, by Erica Pence

Column Articles:

  • Interview & Reviews
    Scientific Soapmaking Do You Know the Science Behind Your Soap?, by Beth Byrne
  • Showcase
    Titania’s Dreamy Delights, by Lindalu Forseth
  • Herbal Wisdom
    Natural Ingredient Terms, Regulations, and Governing Bodies Explained, by Erica Pence
  • Toiletries
    Believe it or Not: A Cosmetics Ingredients Quiz, by Cindy Noble
  • In The Lab
    I Should Have Known Better, by Dr. Robert McDaniel
  • Chandlers Corner
    Seascape Gel Candles, by Erica Pence
  • Working Smarter
    Your Business- Fulfillment or Frustration, by Alexander Sherman
  • The Personal Touch
    Freezer Paper Stencil, by Rachel Wolf
  • A Soapmakers Notebook
    Herb Monographs: Cleavers & Lady’s Mantle, by Elizabeth Sockol

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