What’s New in the Saponifier?

Summer is here, or nearly here!

We all know that as much as we love the sun and summer activities, it can be hard on our skin.  Want to know all about keeping your skin soft and sexy for summer fun?  Check out Sherri Reehil-Welser’s article where she talks about hydrosols and butters that will help keep your skin in great shape.  Recipes included!

Are you a melt & pour soaper, or do want to learn?  How about candles?  Erica Pence has written a how-to article on beautiful fancy soaps and candles that you’ll enjoy making.  You’ll amaze yourself at your talent!

Do you know what Business Valuation is?  Alexander Sherman sheds some light on the subject of determining the value of your business, and other pertinent points such as adding value to your business.  If you’re a business owner, you can’t afford not to read this one!

If you’re looking to add something that will give your products a special touch, consider making gift bags and pouches.  Rachel Wolf shows us how to make lovely lined bags and pouches that will set your products apart.

The Saponifier will be at the HSMG Conference!  Tamara Dourney and Beth Byrne are attending the conference, so be sure to find them and provide feedback on the magazine.  We’re offering prizes for some lucky attendees, too.

Babies & Bases and Codes and Spaces

Have you tried anything formulas or ideas from the new issue yet?    Did you learn anything new?

Beth Byrne’s, DIY Bases, will get you started on making your own soap and cosmetic bases if you’re set on your own formulas, but need to save time.  Have you tried any yet, or are you planning to try making your own?  I think making your own bases is among the best ideas for smaller businesses who are working to be as efficient as possible.

Tamara Dourney’s article about QR Codes was very informative and on the cutting edge of technology.  It’s exciting to think about the possibilities that using these codes hold for our future.  Don’t wait.  Jump in now!

I read with interest Erica Pence’s article, Natural Bath for Babies and Children, about using essential oils in baby care, and will take heed of her recommendations as I make products for the babies in my life.  It’s so important to learn all we can about essential oils before we use them, and doubly so when we intend them for use with infants.

With the craft show season upon us, Tamara Dourney’s, Redesigning the Market Stall is a timely piece challenging and encouraging those of us who do shows to give our set-ups some thought and thinking of new solutions to the problem of merchandising in small, temporary spaces.  Anyone who has tried it will understand how important it is to design booths to maximize exposure and attract customers, all in a 10 x 10 square!  Study the photos and see if you can glean some tips for your booth.

I’m sure that by now, you’ve read at the least, a few articles.  Let us know what you think!

Bases, Bases, Who’s Got the Bases?

What a terrific issue!  I am thoroughly enjoying the time I get to spend reading this issue of the Saponifier.

I was looking forward to reading Marla Bosworth’s review of melt and pour soap bases.  She certainly delivered in this article, as she took on the major sellers and solicited reviews from soapmakers.  Did reading her article help you to decide which one you’d like to try?  I liked that she established criteria for testing the bases.

Tamara Dourney’s article, Redesigning the Market Stall, was excellent, as well, giving us tips to increase sales, from business plan to focus groups.  Anyone selling at shows will benefit from reading this one.

A Canadian soapmaker, Louise Vargas, was the spotlight of Lindalu Forseth’s article.  Find out how she went from the bookstore to establishing her own business.  She’ll share her success with you!

Are you thinking about using bases for all or part of your product line?  Don’t order anything until you read, The Basics on Bases:  A Review, by Beth Byrne.  She solicited the opinions of other soap and cosmetic makers in order to bring you a good deal of information that will surely help you to decide which bases you want to work with.  This may help you to choose the best one for your needs.

What do you think so far?

It’s Here!

The newest issue has arrived at your mailbox. Have you had an opportunity yet to read the latest edition of the Saponifier?

If your answer is, “Yes,” we hope that you loved it, cover-to-cover.  If your answer is, “No,” then we hope you get to it!

The theme of this issue is bases–soap bases and cosmetic bases of all kinds.  Do you need them?  Do you want them?  What will they do for you?

Don’t skip Tamara’s editorial at the beginning.  She speaks about working smarter, not harder–something many of us need to be reminded of.  It gets us off on the right foot in reading this issue to help us work efficiently at our businesses and hobbies, which is a real necessity if we’re to make the most of what we do.

Have you ever considered making your own bases?  You can, you know, and the article, “DIY Bases” by Beth Byrne, shows you how easy it is.  You’ll love the time you saved, as well as the satisfaction gleaned from making your own!

What do you know about QR Codes?  If you’re scratching your head, muttering, “QR Codes?”  you’ll be fascinated, reading this article by Tamara Dourney.  Keeping you abreast of new technology is our business, and QR Codes are among the newest.  This up and coming concept holds a world of exciting opportunities if we embrace it.

Curious?  Start reading!

The Soaper, the Shaker, the Candlestick Maker. . . Get Together

Have you ever met up with fellow soap and candle makers?

If not, you really should!  There’s nothing like being with those who understand your passion.  The Saponifier publishes information about conferences and gatherings, both in the magazine and on our blog.  If you’re the host of an event, send the information to saponifier@gmail.com, and we’ll make sure it gets published.

Have you got a good soap story?  We’re looking for freelance writers to add to the magazine, and we might be looking for you!  We’re looking for humor, for how you overcame a problem, how you started your business, anything that your fellow readers will identify with.  Surely, you have one!

We welcome reader letters.  Tell us how we’re doing.  What are your favorite parts about the Saponifier?  What do you look forward to every issue?  What would you like to read about?  We welcome reader comments.

Take a look at the back issues that are available.  If  you see one you like, it can be yours for just $5.95!

Don’t forget!  Get a friend and subscribe.  It’s buy one, get one free.  If you’ve never subscribed before, this is a great time to join us.  If you have a friend who has never subscribed, be a good friend and give a gift.

Last of all, please support our advertisers!  We’ve got some terrific companies represented and are proud to have them aboard.

Help for Home & Garden!

So much fantastic information in this issue!  Whether in your garden or household chores, you need to know. . .

Are you looking for a way to use soap scraps?  Want to economize?  Maybe you just want to know what’s in the product that you use to wash your clothes.  You can accomplish all three by making your own laundry soap.  Rachel Wolf tells you how, and it’s easier than you might think.  Find out how in the current issue.

What do you know about the Herb of Love?  Not much?  I’ve happily used it as a beautiful, fragrant flower in my garden, but knew little about it’s origins, range, or history.  Find out all about its uses– and its dangers!  Read this article by Elizabeth Sockol and tell us how you’ve used this wonderful herb.

No doubt we’re all familiar with many types of citrus.  We eat them and it may end there; but, if you produce bath and body products, you likely use the essential oils.   But what do you know about them?  If you don’t know enough, or need a refresher, be sure to read Lindalu Forseth’s article reviewing orange, lemon, lime, tangerine, and mandarin essential oils.  You’re sure to learn something new to use in your creations.

Sensuality, Business, Hedgehogs, it’s all here!

This issue of the Saponifier is so jam-packed with articles for you to enjoy, new things to learn, and great advice!

Sensuous massage candles, doesn’t the very name conjure up images of candlelight, warmth, and intimacy?  Who wouldn’t want a massage with one of these?  Erica Pence has given us many ideas for making and scenting these luscious products.  It makes even candle novices eager to give them a go!  Erica’s article give us all the details on which essential oils will work and what they add to the candle and massage.  You’ll be inspired.

When you try them, I do hope you’ll report how they work for you!  Be careful, but enjoy yourself.

Perhaps it’s time for business advice, and you’re looking for help with that all-important goal of making a profit.  Alexander Sherman has written a fantastically informative article on margins in business.  Do you know your company’s gross margins, operating margins, and net margins?  If you do, you’ll be better at containing costs so that you can make profits.  Be sure to take time to read this one if you own or contemplate owning a business.

Be sure to check out the Readers’ Showcase Gallery and be in awe at what your fellow soap, candle, and b&b buddies are up to!  I never cease to be amazed at what wonderful things you all come up with, and I can’t wait to see what’s new each issue. Janie Clark of www.selkiesoaps.com is featured.  Check out what her products have to do with Hedgehogs.

Decadent Soaps and other Goodies

How’s  your reading coming?

Have you read the article by Larry Strattner yet?  It was a nice diversion into a story of soapmaking, and yet it’s informational.  Great job, Larry!  If you haven’t read it yet, take five and be entertained.

What do you think of when you hear, “Strawberries and Champagne?”  Something exclusive, luxurious, expensive?  That’s what I think of, so when I saw the article by Tamara Dourney, I knew it would be a treat.  I was not disappointed.  You won’t be disappointed, either, and will surely want to try the formula she provided!  Rich with cocoa, shea, and mango butter, among other decadent goodies, it’s a sure hit.  Be sure to tell us how yours turned out.  If you tweak it, as so many of us do, tell us about that, too.

If you enjoy reading book reviews, you’ll be interested in catching up with some of the authors we wrote reviews for, previously.  Let’s just say that Alex Crow, Marie Gale, and Sally Trew haven’t been sitting back, twiddling their thumbs!

What’s on your formulating/cosmetic agenda for the week?  Tell us, especially if you try anything from the magazine.

Go forth and make soap!  And toiletries, and candles.

Herbal Spa Weekend!

I suppose that by now, all of you who are subscribers have taken the opportunity to peruse your newest issue.

The Herbal Spa Treatments by Erica Pence were so wonderful-looking that I relaxed simply by reading the article.  If you’ve never done an herbal infusion before, her instructions were helpful and easy to understand.  If  you’ve never tried any of these treatments, make it a home spa weekend.  If you have tried them, make it an herbal spa weekend!

Sherri Reehil-Welser’s Saving Face was another informational and interesting article, with so much on natural products and oils that we can all use to pamper our skin.  In fact, do you know which foods have alpha hydroxy acids?  You will if you pay attention to Sherri.

For Elin Criswell fans, you’ll see a review of her recently published and popular book, by Beth Byrne.  The concept Elin used to get the money for publishing is definitely out of the ordinary.  Our hats off to you, Elin!  Readers and friends, what do you think of her unusual fundraising efforts?

You can also catch up with some of your other favorite soap authors in this issue, as several of them have written new books.   Check them out.

What’s on your plate for the weekend?  Take my advice and plan a little “me” time, using some of the ideas from the magazine.  Take some time to relax and read it if you haven’t, then decide what you’d like to do.  Get your supplies and equipment out, get the kids and the hubby out of the way, and pamper yourself.  It’s OK, you’ve earned it!

Say, “Ahhh” to the Spa

Have you had a chance to peruse the new issue yet?

I couldn’t wait for the download to be available because there’s just so much fantastic information.

Tamara Dourney wrote an in-depth article on packaging and promotional materials that will add value to your existing product.  In it, she discusses labeling, packaging, logos, branding, style, company name, colors, and even typography in designing your business to promote the perception of value to the consumer.  We all must consider what our products look like to our customers, and how we can design our businesses, from beginning to end, to capture our target market’s attention.

If you’re just beginning your company or are re-tooling for the high-end market, you need to read this article.  Even if you’re not, it’s a great reminder to keep looking at our products from the consumer’s point of view.

Perhaps you’re thinking, “What makes a high-end, upscale product?”  Read Amy Kalinchuk’s,  Ingredients for High-End Label Appeal, where she woos us with decadent ingredients to use in our products.  They are sure to impress customers and guide them in seeing the value in purchasing high quality.

If you don’t yet offer your clients a swanky, rich body butter, perhaps it’s time!  Read Marla Bosworth’s article on body butters to get your creative juices flowing.  Body butters are an upscale product with the potential of good profit margins, and are not as difficult to make as they may seem.  You’ll love them, and so will your customers.

There’s so much more in this issue, and I’ll be posting on all of it in the coming days.
We look forward to your comments.
Meanwhile, Enjoy!

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