Coming: Calendula, Social Marketing, and Recycling!

Coming September 1st!  Calendula, what do you know about it?  

This lovely, prolific herb is just waiting for you to try it.  Easy to grow, Lindalu Forseth shares why Calendula (aka Pot Marigold)  is the perfect herb to grow and use in soapmaking, whether you’re an experienced gardener/soapmaker or a novice.  Look for her Monograph and be amazed at what Calendula can do for your products.

Do you make use of Social Media in marketing your products?  Be sure to catch Beth Byrne’s, Five Steps to Social Media Success, where she welcomes back contributor Donna Maria Coles Johnson.  Founder of the beauty organization, Indie Beauty Network, dM focuses on helping her members navigate the complexities of building their businesses.  Embracing technology and using it as a marketing tool by communicating with customers is an ideal tool for the small business owner.  Learn about the various forms of social media and how to use them successfully in your business.

Picture yourself surrounded by the glow of candlelight.  Doesn’t it sound romantic and cozy?  Picture yourself with the bits and stubs of wax left over from your candle burning.  Ugh.  Is there anything to be done with them besides the trash bin?  Erica Pence has the answer in, Recycled Candles.  She explains the process of sorting the candles into similar batches and magically creating new and amazing candles!  As if that’s not enough, Erica also explains how to make a lovely autumn tabletop candle from your scraps.

Where Will Your Soapmaking Take You?

Do you dream of landing a large wholesale account?  Or does the very idea force you to wake up in a cold sweat?  Read as Joan Broughton outlines in her article, Growing as a Soapmaker,  how to go about it, from order to delivery, for a large client.  You’ll have the tools to take advantage of your next opportunity!

An oil is an oil, right?  Wrong!  Each oil holds its own specific properties that make each one not only unique, but well-suited to different needs. Are you curious about the properties that various carrier oils contribute to bath and body products?  Let Sherri Reehil-Welser explain the oils and their uses, benefits, and healing properties in her article, The Simple Beauty of Natural Carrier Oils.  You’ll soon formulate with greater confidence.

Yes, coming to your inbox on September first is the newest issue of the Saponifier Magazine.  Our writers and editors are preparing for an exciting and informational edition that will put you on the road to success.

Coming Up: Argan and Larry

Authors and editors are working hard on the next issue of the Saponifier!  It’s due to be released on September first, but here’s a sneak preview:

Have you been hearing about Argan Oil recently?  It’s one of the trendy oils, but for good reason.  Read Marla Bosworth’s article, Moroccan Gold:  the Beauty of Incorporating Argan Oil in Soaps and Skincare Products, to find out what’s behind this newly re-discovered, yet ancient oil. It’s use in the Middle East continues, but is fast becoming popular in the US.  You’ll even find formulas for face, body, hair, scalp and soapmaking.

Start your own product line with this goldmine!

You might remember guest author Larry Strattner, and his humorous article involving learning to make soap.  You’ll be happy to note that he is back again with yet another article, My Soap Went Up in Smoke.  A title like that will lead your imagination everywhere!  I can’t wait to hear about his latest episode in soapmaking with his mentor, Liz.

Stay tune for more previews!

Float Your Soap!

You might like to know what else you can look forward to in the next edition of the Saponifier.

We strive to make each issue a meaningful, can’t-put-down read for you, and the coming issue is no exception.

Lined Gift Pouches

Watch for a fantastic article on floating soaps and candles, and another on amazing gift bags to put them all in!  Your friends and family will be in awe.

With summer on the horizon, you’ll want to know all about “sexy summer skin.’   Stay tuned!  As we all know, the sun, water, and sand all take a toll on our skin, but now we’ve got great ideas for keeping your skin in top shape.

Finally, get the scoop on QR Codes and what they can do for you.  QR codes, you ask?  I don’t want to give anything away judy yet, but you’ll find out all about it in the next issue!  Something new for your business is just around the corner.

Until then, make soap–or candles–or bath and body products!

What’s Ahead?

Are you thinking about the next issue of the Saponifier?

I can tell you that we’ve all been working very hard on this one, to make it compelling to read, and full of information you can use!

Purple Salsify

For instance, what do you know about Purple Salsify?  Uh huh, that’s what I thought–but you’ll learn all about it in our Herbal Monograph.

Something that’s likely to be more familiar, Eucalyptus essential oil, will also be discussed.  Get ready with your favorite Koala Bear.  Even though you probably know something about eucalyptus already, we’re betting you’ll learn some new tidbits that you can use.

Natural Bath for Babies & Children

Got kids?  We’ve got a great article on products for children in the Herbal Wisdom column.

Don’t forget!  Subscriptions are BOGO now, but for a limited time.  Buy one subscription at normal price, get the second one free.  What a fabulous gift for a soapmaking friend!

Winter Days and Nights

I was recently thinking to myself that February is awfully long for being the shortest month!

Does it feel that way to you?  The holidays are over, and we’ve survived January.  But, by the time we get into February, I just want winter to be over.

Something to remember, however, is that winter brings with it more opportunities to make soap, candles, and b&b products!  What’s not to like about that?  Just last week, I whipped up a nice batch of shower scrub, and have soap on the agenda for tomorrow.

On March 1st, your new issue of the Saponifier will be released, and you’ll find that our writers have been busy searching out the best for you in making goodies for The Spa Experience.  We think you’ll love the formulas you’ll find, and will be inspired by the ideas presented.  This issue alone will keep you busy, happily creating new goodies for bath time, whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist.

If you’re not a subscriber, well, what are you waiting for?  Just visit:

The Spa Experience – coming March 1st!

With features dedicated to sumptuous products sure to lure in high-end clientele


  • Herbal Spa Treatments
  • Facial scrubs crafted with natural ingredients
  • Tips on making fabulous Sensual Massage Candles
  • Formulas for luxurious Body Butters

you’ll also find…

  • Showcase of The Soap Gallery in Winnipeg
  • A follow-up to our history issue with a plant monograph on Heliotrope, one of the best-selling product scents of the early 20th century.
  • Monographs on Citrus Essential Oils
  • To be published March 1, 2011


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    Coming January 1st …

    Time Warp!

    Looking to the Past for Product Inspiration


    • Forget Marketing 101
    • Delivering a Fresh, New Twist on Old-Fashioned, Creamy Products
    • From the Vault: Selected Recipes and Formulas from Saponifier’s Past Issues
    • History Through the Eyes and Formulas of the Perfumer
    • Scents of the Century
    • Reviews: Soap Maker’s Workshop, Watch These!
    • Old Beauty Secrets
    • Creating an Herbal First Aid Kit
    • Beeswax Candles
    • Launching an Online Storefront
    • Adding Upcycled Style
    • Herb Monographs: Betony & Chervil
    • Essential Oil Monograph: Lavender

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    Wishing you all the best for a prosperous New Year!
    - The Saponifier Team

    Coming November 1st!

    Get Ready for the 4th Annual Readers Choice Awards & a Recipe Extravaganza!

    Recipes and Formulas on Everything from Simple Melt & Pour Soaps to Advanced Toiletries


    • The 4th Annual Readers’ Choice Awards – Raves for Faves Results!
    • An in-depth look at outsourcing, highlighting the freelance world and providing tips on what to expect and what to avoid
    • Soap Formulas Revisited – how to design a quality soap formula
    • Herb Monographs on Common Centaury and Spatterdock
    • … and MUCH MUCH More!

    To be published Nov 1, 2010


    Coming in the September Issue!

    Our focus in our September’s issue will be on ‘Advanced Soap & Candle Making Techniques’ … with a wide array of information and tutorials on:

    • Cut and Curl Candle Making – learn how to make these wedding favorites!
    • Sunset Soap – An advanced soap tutorial using natural ingredients.
    • How to create fun effects by combining melt and pour soap with cold process soapmaking
    • Interview with Allegheny Hearth owner Bonnie Klisiewicz Bartley, a gem of a soapmaker whose soap art will astound and amaze you!
    • Herb Monographs on Solomon’s Seal and Perilla
    • … and MUCH More!

    To be published Sept 1, 2010

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