Candles, Herbs, and Economics — Three Ideas for 2012

How is January coming along for you?  Are you reaching for your 2012 goals?  Taking steps to keep your resolutions?


If one of  your resolutions was to add candles to your bath business, you no doubt found Erica Pence’s article of the same title very helpful.  Just gather together the ingredients she lists and create away!  Tell us if you’ve used Erica’s directions to be just the ticket to your first candle.  Once you add candles to your line, tell us if they have boosted sales for you.


Were you as encouraged as I was to read, Planning for the Best When Experiencing the Worst, by Alexander Sherman?  I found his advice regarding positioning our businesses to be front and center as the economy rebounds (however slowly) and his enthusiasm for the future to be quite contagious.  I hope the same was true for you.  What are you doing to be ready for the surge in sales?


For all of us budding herbalists, the herbal monographs are always informative.  Even with more familiar herbs, I learn something new.  Elizabeth Sockol’s, Spanish Dagger, better known to many of us as Yucca, is no exception.  I never tire at learning more about the various uses for any herb, whether cosmetic, culinary, or medicinal.  Yucca provides no shortage of uses, even though none of them are food-related.  It is likely that some of our readers have used the root to extract the saponins.  Have you?


Perhaps Ginger oil is your preference.  Did you get any new ideas from Cindy Noble’s monograph?  I confess to using it only for culinary and medicinal purposes, except for a drop in the bath of a sick person.  We’d love to hear how you use Ginger.


Finally, be sure to check out the photos supplied by Jonathan Savoie and Madeline Novak of  Old Factory Soap Company.  They are truly inspirational!


Yours in the joys of bubbles and wax,







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