Candle Musing

I love a winter’s evening when it’s cozy inside and I have a candle or tart burning, a sharp contrast to the wind and snow outside my window.

 The scent, whichever one I’ve chosen, is delightful. Whether it reminds me of my mother’s baking, a sophisticated perfume or even a floral that reminds me that spring will come, the aroma evokes a positive feeling.  And who doesn’t love the mesmerizing glow of fire?  I admit nevertheless, that my candle burning is mostly relegated to votives and tarts.  This leads me to wonder if I am part of the majority or whether my candle desires are just simple compared to others’.


I do see container candles frequently, and at craft shows I enjoy those amazing candles that look like dessert.  You know, the candles that look like apple pie or pie ala mode or even banana splits.  They fill booths with their delicious splendor and aromatic attributes that cause one’s mouth to water.  And yet, I burn votives.


Speaking of scent,  I remember several years ago, being told that candles could not be made with essential oils; but more recently, I’ve seen many essential oil candles.  Apparently, it is possible, although I’m certain that not all essential oils perform well in candles.


Candlemakers, it’s time to join the conversation.  What kinds of candles do you make?  If you sell them, which types are most popular?  Are essential oil candles and tarts a popular choice?


Until next time, may your days be filled with bubbles and wax.


Beth Byrne, for the Saponifier


One Response to “Candle Musing”
  1. Thank you very much for writing this article. I also love watching the flickering light of a gently burning candle or switching on my tart melter for a fragrance so perfect, that I smell everytime it is on.

    As a candle maker, I not only enjoy the product, I enjoy the process. It is like majic to create the perfect candle. Putting together your symphony of wax, wick, container, fragrance, and color. For in the end you have created something beautiful that you can either share or greedily enjoy yourself!

    I love it!

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