Can you describe yourself with soap colors, swirls, layers, scents???

That’s the challenge asked of S.A.F.E. (Soap Artisan Friends of Etsy) to it’s members.

Think about it. CAN you describe yourself with soap colors, swirls, layers, scents???  The only limitations is your own imagination.

Check out the entries and leave a comment, voting for your favorite and you will be entered to win the “winning” bar of soap.


7 Responses to “Can you describe yourself with soap colors, swirls, layers, scents???”
  1. Lynn Heglar says:

    I’d be a fragrance free, wild and hot colored (orange, fuschia, etc.), glittery, made on the tilt soap.

  2. Thanks for blogging about our team challenge!!!


  3. carol cookson says:

    if I were a bar of soap I’d be scented like the ocean breeze. My swirls would be like a paisley print in lovely shades of blue

  4. Iris_hsu says:

    If i were a bar of soap,it would be like a silk fabric.It ‘s so close to me but still feel free to breathe and connect with nature.The colour is golden yellow like that the sun shines bright upon the ocean,spray around me like my skirt floates on the wind,see birds swirl about me.

  5. If I were a bar, I would be an alluring swirl of the most exotic rare spices known in the ancient world. Costly, rich, rare, I might be a soft swirly green with embedded salts and herbs, or a spectrum of soft to rich earth tones, or a heavenly swirl of aqua and blue, or a metallic swirl of gold, pink and green….

  6. nevenka says:

    Tengo el cuerpo repleto de capas de distintos colores, vivos y alegres, perfectamente alineadas, mis esquinas estan cuidadosamente biseladas, elegantes; mi aroma es fresco y penetrante, mi tacto suave y burbujeante. Mi aspecto refleja deseo. esa soy yo, una estupenda pastilla de jabón :)

  7. Babbs says:

    I would be a deep red/cream swirl soap that was rich in colour and soft and creamy like shea butter, my scent would be a sensous blend of sandalwood, rose with a hint of mint…mmmm think Il go make it…lol

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