‘Best Swirl’ Entries

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Update – March 1, 2009:

Winner – (Entry #9) Nicole Benitez, http://www.balsam.etsy.com
2nd place – (Entry #5) Sharon Jernigan, http://www.grumpygirlcandles.com
3rd place – (Entry #46) Lori Nova, http://www.thenovastudio.com
4th place – (Entry #30) Sindy Anderson, http://www.sinfullysweetsoap.com
5th place – (Entry #44) Karen McDaniel, http://www.goodscentsbathandbody.com


121 Responses to “‘Best Swirl’ Entries”
  1. Janet says:

    all very amazing soaps! #9 and #47 are my favorites.

  2. Cathy D says:

    Oh my…I’m proud yet humbled to be in the presence of such exquisitely skilled artisans! I don’t know what else to say except…WOW!!!!

  3. Heather says:

    I really like #3, its simply stated & elegant!
    WOW! What talented people, and the DETAIL is incredible!!!!

  4. Loria D says:

    I choose #44

  5. PA-PAGrandma says:

    There were some excellent soaps , but I liked this best

  6. Dick C says:

    All the entries are great, but # 28 dasseled me.

  7. Joan says:

    So very hard to pick just one winner! It would have been great to have a chance to pick the top 3 choices & then see how the votes would range. I hope this is a yearly contest …what an inspiration!!

  8. Cheri says:

    They are all so beautiful! I want to smell them!

  9. Ginger M says:

    Oh WOW! How can I pick just one. They are all so pretty. The winner(s) better have some good details on how they did it because I know there will be a lot of questions.
    Nice job to all the contestants.

  10. Lynn G says:

    I am not a soaper but I have only used handcrafted soap for 12 years. I had the opprotunity to watch a soaper once and this is what I am basing my vote on. I think we need to define swirl as there is a vast amount of differences in the finished product. There are some that stand out and yell take me home. I love # 9, but am curious if every batch would turn out the same. # 5 is very complex but I think it is more layering than swirling. #31 is the one I would vote for because it has the effect of my definition of swirls, and good use of color. All of the entry’s are great. My hat off to all of you as I would never presume that any of it is easy. It truly is it’s own art form.

  11. Michelle V. says:

    All of them are fantastic. #38, #46, #47 are my fav’s but all of them are really great. It is difficult to vote on just one.

  12. Tammy says:

    Literally Loving #38. Now if I could just use them all! Looks are one thing, but its whats on the inside that counts :)

  13. Kay R. says:

    I am envious of these swirls. Splendid work. I am full of admiration for the talent exhibited here. These take the soap to a new level!

  14. Diane C. says:

    I’m a soaper but now I know why I never tried to swirl. What talent these soapers have shown. I love love love #38, but to me it looks more like soap painting rather than swirling. And #5 does look like 40 or more pours. Now how was that done? I think #9 is gorgeous, and so is #’s 35 and 40. How can I choose just one?

  15. Peggi Dial says:

    #13…I love blue….

  16. Frannyfarkle says:

    I viewed all the soaps and they are all beautiful,but I really like the colors,design and presentation of #47.I feel it would make a nice magazine cover displaying decorative home made soaps.

  17. SONJA CAPO says:


  18. Elaine says:

    Wow! It is very difficult to pick just one! I like them all but I think I like #46 the best. The color and layout is amazing!

  19. Annie says:

    I am so amazed and impressed at the talent demonstrated here. All I can say is WOW! Just when I thought I’d picked my favorite, along came another one, and another one , and another one.

    All in all, they are simply amazing, I can’t swirl like that, but I would have to say #49 is simply awe inspiring. I will never be able to draw a picture with swirls

  20. Dawn Jones says:

    I am so impressed with all of the entries. It was hard to choose just one. I want to know how tips to make these swirls. Thanks for the eye candy!!!!!!!!!

  21. I am very humbled and awed by the talented group that I belong to. I enjoy swirling, but my swirling doesn’t even come close to what these soapers have accomplished. I saw a demonstration last year by a fellow Texas soapmaker, and it was unbelieveable the amount of time this person spent swirling her soaps. It was very hard for me to choose my favorite. I can hardly wait to see which entry wins! To all of you fantastic swirlers, my hat is off to you!

  22. Shannon Thompson says:

    These are amazing!! I’m having a hard time deciding between #5, #18 & #31…you all are very talented!!!!

  23. Rosa R says:

    #35 is my definition of swirls! It was VERY hard to pick just one!
    Do we get to find out who the soapers are of these soaps and
    what the soap names are? I am already ready to place an order!

  24. Ayelet says:

    These soaps are all amazing but i just can’t take my eys off # 9 blue and white soap just beauttiful!!!

  25. lindsey says:

    #46 has the presentation and style down!

  26. Jennifer says:

    WOW! Beautiful soaps.

  27. Tasha says:

    All I can say is OMG!!!!!!!!

  28. Josh says:

    Amazing uniformity from bar to bar.

  29. Karen says:

    I loved #46 and it has my vote.

  30. Daniel Van Riezen says:

    I love # 46! It’s a perfect example of authentic handmade soap with an amazing and beautiful green swirl.

    The green swirl seems very fitting for the current times we’re all now facing!

    Hey, It’s the GREEN generation ;-)

  31. Lori says:

    who would have ever thought that SOAP would be an “art medium.” i don’t really consider myself an “artist” but if i did, soap would definitely be my medium!

    i love how each of the soaps has its own unique personality, much like that of the soap maker. would be fun to psycho-analyze the soaps and draw conclusions about the individuals who made them. :)

    we are all such soap geeks – and i love it!

  32. Rachel A. says:

    I’m voting for 44!!

  33. Paula JOhns says:

    LOve # 33…colors are so smooth

  34. jay says:

    All the soaps look great . Of course a sample of each to test for lather, sent and how well it holds up would be the coup D graus .

  35. Bonnie says:

    Your swirled creations are all beautiful. I’d love a bar of each one just to drool over. So far swirling escapes me and it’s uplifting to see that it can be achieved- by all these wonderful entries. No matter who wins, you are all winners in my book.

  36. Cheri Tracy says:

    #5 or #15, but they all look amazing. How can you choose just one? Great work everyone…

  37. amber bomia says:

    #9 oooh number 14 came in a close 2nd though!

  38. I agree that it’s hard to compare surface swirling, with in the pot swirling, with layering, in the mold swirling, and whatever else we’ve got going on here (sorry, I don’t keep up with all the terms). While I enjoyed looking at them all, there are about a dozen or so that really stand out to me. My official vote has to go to #9 though just for its sheer elegance and of course its originality. It takes my breath away!

  39. Mary Davis says:

    Wow! Give me a bar of each!

    But, if I really have to say #46 – love the color and the swirls are just oh so perfect.

  40. Gardenfish says:

    They are all phenominal. # 9 is my favorite.

  41. marlene says:

    No. 46 gets my vote!

  42. Tracey Anderson says:

    My goodness all are great # 5 goes beyond imagination. I hope just everybody is willing to share their technique. My vote is #5.

  43. Heather says:

    I love them all! But would have to say #5 is the best!!!! It hypnotizes me!

    Runners up would have to be: 9, 15, 35, and 38!!!!

  44. Caz says:

    Absolutely stunning!

  45. Sophie says:

    I am voting for #46. The green/white swirl is just so perfect. I’ll bet it smells as good as it looks too.

  46. Teresa says:

    How can I possibly choose just one to love??

    My favorites are 2, 5, 9, 35, 38, 47 – but if I had to narrow it to one, I guess I’ll pick #9 for not only a lovely swirl, but also good color combination.

  47. clint says:

    Great looking soaps,but I’m voting for # 47

  48. joyce says:

    My favorites are 9,19, 37,46,47 (they are all wonderful)

    Winner # 47
    2nd place # 46
    and runner up # 9


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