‘Best Swirl’ Entries

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Update – March 1, 2009:

Winner – (Entry #9) Nicole Benitez, http://www.balsam.etsy.com
2nd place – (Entry #5) Sharon Jernigan, http://www.grumpygirlcandles.com
3rd place – (Entry #46) Lori Nova, http://www.thenovastudio.com
4th place – (Entry #30) Sindy Anderson, http://www.sinfullysweetsoap.com
5th place – (Entry #44) Karen McDaniel, http://www.goodscentsbathandbody.com


121 Responses to “‘Best Swirl’ Entries”
  1. Christy says:

    What great looking soaps! Such talent, great job all!

  2. Anne-Marie says:

    Amazing and wonderous soaps. I am glad I’m not on the judge team; I’d never be able to choose. They’re so good!

  3. B.T. says:

    Simply amazing the talent in the soapmaking community! I am blown away at the beauty and artistic vision in these soaps!

  4. Kay B says:

    These soaps are gorgeous! What talented people! Oh to be able to swirl like that!

  5. Renee says:

    So many talented soapmakers! All of these soaps are breathtaking!

  6. Critchfield says:

    Scratch below the surface here and it appears that many of these folks don’t have lives apart from soap! #5 Looks like about a 40-pour adventure. If #18 doesn’t have a name, I suggest Disraeli Gears.

  7. Irena M says:

    Great job everyone! I see a lot of talent here!

  8. Gerri says:

    Just when I thought , that’s the one, I saw another that could be “the one.”

  9. Randi A says:

    oh PLEASE tell me there will be some “HOW DID THEY DO THAT?!?!?!” tutorials coming!!! Especially those with like 6-8 colors. Good god!!! I have a bar of #5 and it’s just like the pic!!

  10. Wow! Simply Wow!!

    Some of these soaps take my breath away!

  11. Susie says:

    WOW! Those are beautiful! I feel like such a beginner.I hope to be able to swirl like that some day.

  12. France says:

    Beautiful and inspiring!!! Funny how some soapers have sapo-signatures (i.e. a style that is theirs and can be recognised by it)… Beautiful!!!
    hopefully when the contest is over, they’ll post the blogs of all these talented soapers and we can all go see more of their eye candies (and tutorials where available!)

  13. T.A. Helton says:

    These soaps are all winners in my book! Swirling is a fun and artistic way of expression in soapmaking. I love to swirl ;-)

  14. Oh, such artistic endeavors, these soapers are real inspirations, a real example to aspire to. I would never want to judge these, they all have their own style of beauty. Thank you all so much for sharing your talent. It is a real treat for the eyes. I wouldn’t want to use them.

  15. Pamela M says:

    All of these bars have such beautiful swirls, if you’re not chosen to be the winner, you’re all winners to me and inspiration to those who haven’t gotten their swirls just right!!

    The best of luck to all contestants!

  16. franD says:

    OMG GUYS!!! I love it. Trying get back into the swing of things… oh you all are an inspiration. When I grown up I want to swirl with the best of you!!

  17. What beautiful soaps! Congrats to everyone for making it this far. They are all fantastic!

  18. Sue Dixon says:

    These are truly beautiful works of art. I would love to be able to swirl like this. Such talent and good luck to all of the entrants.

  19. Roni Seabury says:

    Wow! How can you just vote for one, it’s impossible. Very talented. I am a new cold process soap maker and now I see what I have to aspire to! All of you deserve the award.

  20. Darleen Harwood says:

    The are all so beautiful how can you just pick one. Great job Loveana!
    Good Luck Darleen

  21. Such fantastic talent. How can you possibly choose just one? After the winner there should be a collage.

  22. Dream Big Bubbles Unlimited says:

    How inspiring!
    Such great talent is displayed here!

    KUDOS to all those who entered and their great Swirls!
    Keep up the good work!

    And thanks for inspiring the rest of us to Swirl Better!! :)

  23. Jo Ann says:

    My husband actually heard me gasp in my office! Spectacular entries, just spectacular…..

  24. Amazing… awe-inspiring… incredible talent!

    Beautiful work, ladies! (and maybe the stray gent ;) )

  25. Pat Potter says:

    These swirls are absolutely FANtastic!!!!! I’ve seen some of you do these and they are beautiful. Others, I just wonder how in the world you do it. How many hands do you have?

    Awesome work (play) soapers. Keep swirling!!!!


  26. Pam Keller says:

    IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO PICK ONE!! These are just fabulous. I want to view that online demo – let us know where to find it. Great job folks. I am in awe and envy.

  27. Loved4me says:

    Wow!!! How would you even begin to choose. Not a job i would want great job everyone. They look Soap-tas-tic..

  28. Toni says:

    Oh my… I am absolutely stunned!!! so many so beautiful… I don’t know how I’m going to be able to choose….


  29. Robin D. says:

    the soapers from this magazine are most incredible talents

  30. Becky Anderson says:

    Great! I love the rainbow #30!!!!!!!!

  31. Bill Stedcke says:

    My goodness. Fantastic artists. To call this a craft is not the right word. I am truly awed and humbled. What a wonderful contest. Saponifier Thank you for the opportunity to see these artists in action.

  32. Jo C says:

    What an inspiration these soapers are

  33. Julie Perry says:

    I’m down to #9 and #15 … no way to pick just one. It was hard not pick 31 and 41 and 19, 21 and OMG I love the last one, but had to cut it from my choices. I’m still down to #9 or #15.

  34. P V Rozanski says:

    All of the swirling looks fantastic! IMHO there should have been catagories: ie, surface swirling and in-the-pot swirling. I’m not saying that one is any harder than the other, only that the results are slightly different. Every one should be proud of their accomplishments.

  35. elaine says:

    wow…#5 is impressive….but i think my vote would be for #9. its beautiful!

  36. Susan says:

    ohhhhhhhhh, I never learned to swirl, these soaps are amazing. Yes, it was very hard to choose.

  37. Karen says:

    Wow! Very difficult to pick just one! I would like to have seen various categories, as someone else suggested–“in the pot” swirl, slab mold swirl, log mold swirl, dry colorant swirl, liquid colorant swirl, etc. Overall, I’d have to vote for #9.

  38. Jan L says:

    These are the most beautifully swirled soaps I’ve EVER SEEN! I do hope there will be some directions on how to make these beautiful swirls. No way could I choose the best.

  39. Marisol says:

    Number 9… the blues and whites are beautiful!

  40. Sherie King says:

    Wow! They are all wonderful. My top five were:
    9, 5, 21, 31, 47

  41. Jerry says:

    My votes are for 5, 23 and 27

  42. Monique says:

    #3… I love this one. There are SOOO many I love too! Soooo talented!!!

  43. JoJo says:

    Wow….Oh so very talented! My vote is for #47, very beautiful looks very elegant, clean yet so soft and creamy! Great photo too! Best of luck! Now I just need to find out where to buy it! =)

  44. Shirly says:

    OH MAN!! I can’t decide between #’s 5, 9, 15 & 38!!! all of them are awesome though. How can we choose just ONE! :-D Such talented people here!

  45. Rhonda says:

    The choice became harder and harder the further down I scrolled. I am choosing #9!

  46. Pat Allen says:

    What outstanding soaps! Each one presented its own unique style beautifully.

    I looked at each one carefully then began noticing differences: some had swirls all the way through the design whereas a few had swirls only on the top. Others had swirls as the overall design, while others offered a different design principle. Color theory is critical so the colors needed to work together.

    After this has been all said, the following are my picks: 41 for its overall design concept, 5 for its complexity, 30 for it use of color, 9 for its grace, 19 for its playfulness, 23 for its softness of color, and 31 for its color study.

    All of these competitors produced excellent work and are an inspiration.

  47. donna says:

    All are so beautiful, and creative. Definitely would love to learn the tecnique for #9. It is just breathtaking.

  48. Dianna says:

    These are all very beautiful, and I agree that the more I looked, the harder the choice became.

    I finally decided upon #47 because of the appeal of the finished soap to me. #5 looks more intricate…can I vote for both?

  49. Deb says:

    I love the vibrant colors in #18, and the swirls through out the soap as well as on the top.

  50. Ali says:

    My vote is for #47. The soap colors are lovely, wonderful swirls and the picture is beautiful as well.


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