Bath or Shower?

Bath or shower? Which do you prefer? What about your customer base or friends and family?


Personally, I love a relaxing bath with herbs, milk, fizzy and other goodies, but the truth is that I rarely take one. I suspect that these days where most of us are rushing here and there or spending our days just trying to keep up with one task after another, bathing just seems like a time-consuming indulgence that we cannot afford.  That being said, my suppositions may not be true for your audience, and finding out is your job.


If you’re already considering scent and color, but forgetting about your customers’ preferences when it comes to showers vs. baths, you may be creating products that they don’t really use rather than creating the goodies they’re clamoring for.  Of course, it’s less crucial to concern yourself if you’re a hobbyist; yet the knowledge comes in handy at gift-giving time, when you give a gift they’ll really use!


So, how do you find out what your customers want? Ask!  Most will be very forthcoming about their preferences. Ask casually when conversing, form a focus group, conduct a survey or find your own unique way of getting information.


Of course, taking a little extra time for yourself is a good idea as is encouraging your customers and friends to do the same, but it’s easier to sell something they already know they want than to convince them they want what you’re selling.



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Until next time, may your days be filled with bubbles and wax.


Beth Byrne for the Saponifier


4 Responses to “Bath or Shower?”
  1. Cindee says:

    Boy the last time indulged in a yummy tube was a couple months ago. It sure was nice. We need to stop and smell the roses or fragrance oils… I love a nice relaxing tub. Hum sounds like a great time to pop a bath bomb , some music and a glass of wine. Thanks Beth for reminding me about me.

  2. Carmen says:

    Hey there Beth!
    You have such lovely posts! This particular topic is of great interest around the world. If we were Japanese or Turkish, the image of traditional bath houses comes to mind. However, it is understood that most people in the States consider a shower to be “bathing’. From a skin, endocrine and lymph perspective, it is important to sluff (exfoliate is so clinical) and when I say sluff I mean move the things all under the skin. Is a shower satisfactory to get our glands going? Are we forgetting about our lymphswhen we just rinse and go on with our busy routines?

    I like to educate my clients that we are not just skin deep. Under, and even within, our skin are so many processes which need to be stimulated. If we eat something our liver will process it, but our skin absorbs everything! How do we release what our skin is exposed to daily? It is so important to sluff!

    In Hawaii, they call this movement generically da LOMI LOMI. Massage and bathing are very integral to good health. It is important to make time and also scrub to stimulate the entire system, our body, to release all of the things the skin daily absorbs. By sluffing we create the opportunity to become more permeable… validating the notion that we are in fact paramagnetic! Our skin is our healthy boundary!

    Keep the articles coming! Love to you!

  3. Carmen says:

    Loofahs are a great solution to this.

  4. SavonTalk says:

    Now, that was a lovely post! Thanks for taking the time to share the information you did. I learned about Hawaiian bathing!

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