The Spa Experience – coming March 1st!

With features dedicated to sumptuous products sure to lure in high-end clientele


  • Herbal Spa Treatments
  • Facial scrubs crafted with natural ingredients
  • Tips on making fabulous Sensual Massage Candles
  • Formulas for luxurious Body Butters

you’ll also find…

  • Showcase of The Soap Gallery in Winnipeg
  • A follow-up to our history issue with a plant monograph on Heliotrope, one of the best-selling product scents of the early 20th century.
  • Monographs on Citrus Essential Oils
  • To be published March 1, 2011


    Jan/Feb 2011

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    Coming January 1st …

    Time Warp!

    Looking to the Past for Product Inspiration


    • Forget Marketing 101
    • Delivering a Fresh, New Twist on Old-Fashioned, Creamy Products
    • From the Vault: Selected Recipes and Formulas from Saponifier’s Past Issues
    • History Through the Eyes and Formulas of the Perfumer
    • Scents of the Century
    • Reviews: Soap Maker’s Workshop, Watch These!
    • Old Beauty Secrets
    • Creating an Herbal First Aid Kit
    • Beeswax Candles
    • Launching an Online Storefront
    • Adding Upcycled Style
    • Herb Monographs: Betony & Chervil
    • Essential Oil Monograph: Lavender

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    The November Issue is out!

    Raves for Faves – 4th Annual Readers Choice Awards & Recipe Extravaganza!

    Nov/Dec 2010

    Coming November 1st!

    Get Ready for the 4th Annual Readers Choice Awards & a Recipe Extravaganza!

    Recipes and Formulas on Everything from Simple Melt & Pour Soaps to Advanced Toiletries


    • The 4th Annual Readers’ Choice Awards – Raves for Faves Results!
    • An in-depth look at outsourcing, highlighting the freelance world and providing tips on what to expect and what to avoid
    • Soap Formulas Revisited – how to design a quality soap formula
    • Herb Monographs on Common Centaury and Spatterdock
    • … and MUCH MUCH More!

    To be published Nov 1, 2010


    The Sept/Oct issue is out!

    Advanced Soap

    & Candle Making Techniques

    Sept/Oct 2010

    Coming in the September Issue!

    Our focus in our September’s issue will be on ‘Advanced Soap & Candle Making Techniques’ … with a wide array of information and tutorials on:

    • Cut and Curl Candle Making – learn how to make these wedding favorites!
    • Sunset Soap – An advanced soap tutorial using natural ingredients.
    • How to create fun effects by combining melt and pour soap with cold process soapmaking
    • Interview with Allegheny Hearth owner Bonnie Klisiewicz Bartley, a gem of a soapmaker whose soap art will astound and amaze you!
    • Herb Monographs on Solomon’s Seal and Perilla
    • … and MUCH More!

    To be published Sept 1, 2010

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