January 2015 Cover Contest

::This Contest Is Now Closed::

Turn your passion for handmade soap, cosmetics, toiletries or candles into imaginative and creative artwork for our Jan/Feb cover.

Jan/Feb 2015 Cover Contest




• Requires submission of digital files.

• Cover dimensions: sized at least 3300 x 2550 pixels.

• 300 dpi

• All the following formats are acceptable: TIFF, PDF, JPG, PSD.

• Photo must be submitted via the form below.



• December 1, 2014

The winner, will grace the cover of the Jan/Feb 2015 issue. The second, third and fourth places may be featured in our editorial pages.

Nov/Dec 2014

Raves for Faves – 2014

Thank you in advance for taking the time to answer our annual survey questions. Answering them thoroughly and honestly will make the results useful for you so that you may see where our industry is and where it’s heading. If the question doesn’t pertain to you, please skip it. Feel free to add comments, but we can only quote you if you give us your name. Notice that even if you don’t own a business, you can still answer most of the questions.

Feel free to forward the survey link to any individual, list, networking site, etc., involved in soaping, toiletries, or candlemaking. Just be sure you have permission first, when necessary.

Fill out my online form.

Sept/Oct 2014

Meet the Winners of our ‘Design Mania’ 2014 Contest

(This year’s Design Mania Contest was based on the 4-design tutorials previously published in the May/June 2014 issue)

We know many of you have been waiting with great anticipation to learn the winners of the Design Mania contest. We at the Saponifier are so excited because you all sent in a number of beautiful designs.

The art talent among the soapmaking community is nothing short of amazing!

Nevertheless, voting is over and the results are in…

Congratulations to our 2014 Design Mania Winners and Many Thanks to our Gracious Sponsors!

(to view the prize package)

Bramble Berry Soapmaking Supplies

Camden-Grey Essential Oils, Inc.

Cierra Candles

Formulator Sample Shop

Modern Soapmaking

Mossy Creek Soap Studio

The Nova Studio

TKB Trading, LLC



And heerrre we go!


Top Winner (most votes across all technique categories)

Ann Rein – Company: Bit of Earth Soap – Massachusetts, USA


Miss Betty’s HP Swirl

Deborah Ghiai – Company Name: Humble Soapworks LLC – Georgia, USA

Gradient Design Technique

Claudia Pazdernik – Vienna, AUSTRIA – http://miniseifen.blogspot.co.at

FruitSoapia Swirl Technique

Jodi Berg – Company: Lakehurst Farms – Vermont, USA

Embedded Design Technique

Jeannine Jonas – Company: Topa Topa Soaps – California, USA

July/Aug 2014

VOTE: Design Mania Contest (2014)

(This year’s Design Mania Contest is based on the 4-design tutorials published in the May/June 2014 issue)

Contest photos are located on our Pinterest Board and open for public voting beginning July 16th and ending July 28th. The public is invited to vote on their favorite soap in each category. Have a look through the photo’s (noting your favorites) then COME BACK HERE & VOTE!!


Pinterest Design Links:

  1. FruitSopia Swirl

  2. Gradient Design

  3. Miss Betty’s HP Swirl

  4. Embedded Soap Design

Voting has closed and the winners have been announced! Click through to see who won!!

The top winner (with the most votes across all technique categories) will receive the GRAND PRIZE package (see below) which has been donated by some of the most generous suppliers in our industry. The top category winners, those with the most votes within each technique category, will be awarded the technique winners and receive CATEGORY PRIZE packages (see below).


Thank you to our generous contest sponsors:


Formulator Sample Shop

(1) $50.00 Web Store Credit.

Company Information:
Formulator Sample Shop is a supplier of specialty ingredients for the personal care, soap and cosmetic industries.


Mossy Creek Soap Studio

Soapmaker “Lite” Program
$49.00 (MSRP)
SoapMaker 3 Lite Edition Software is perfect for formulating recipes~ I have personally been designing all my own soap recipes and have used this program exclusively since I began. This program makes it very simple to figure how much lye to use, adjust recipes by doubling it or downsizing it. I show this program to all my students because I firmly believe it is a necessity to any soapmaker. It also works great for making Lotions, Liquid Soaps and more!” It’s only available to PC users and is not offered for MAC users.

Features: Recipe Calculation, Lye, water and fragrance calculation, Total recipe cost, and cost per bar/portion, Liquid and Cream soap calculators, Graph of soap qualities, Resize to fit molds, Non-soap recipes to handle lotions, candles, etc.

Choose from more than 80 standard oils provided, Add your own oils and additives, Include packaging items to see actual recipe costs.
Save all your recipes, organized by group and type, Describe and save your molds for instant recipe resizing, Maintain supply purchase records, and supplier list.

Camden-Grey Essential Oils, Inc.

(1) $25.00Web Store Credit

(4) $10.00 Web Store Credits

Company Information:
Camden-Grey Essential Oils, Inc. offers aromatherapy oils and ingredients for making soap and toiletries. We offer melt and pour soap bases, unscented lotion bases, fixed oils, essential oils, fragrance oils, absolutes, butters, waxes, lye (sodium hydroxide) and packaging materials.


Modern Soapmaking

(4) $15.00 Web Store Gift Certificate

Company Information:
From Saponification to Success.
Curated & created by someone who knows exactly what it’s like to be right where you are.
From the beginning of saponification to total biz domination, Modern Soapmaking is here to give you a helping hand.
My passion is soapmaking and the name of the game is success. Your success.


The Nova Studio

(4) Your Choice: Coloring Soap with Confidence, by Lori Nova Endres OR Coloring Soap Naturally, by Ruth Esteves
($29 value)

Coloring with Confidence:
Learn from Lori Nova Endres, two-time award winner and three-time speaker at the Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild conferences, the pros and cons of colors used for soapmaking like Pigments (Oxides, Ultramarines), Dyes (LabColors, Soapalooza, Gel Tones), Lakes, Neons, Pop Micas, and last but not least, the Naturals (Clays, Herbs & Spices).

Coloring Soap Naturally:
Want to use natural ingredients to color your cold process soap but don’t know where to start? Have you had disappointing results with some ingredients that turned out …well… not how you expected? “Coloring Soap Naturally” takes the guesswork out of coloring your cold process soap with natural ingredients. Ruth has gone through the “trial-and-error” part for you. And put together all the results in one eClass filled with information and photos!


Cierra Candles

(1) $15.00 Web Store Credit
(4) $10.00 Web Store Credits

Company Information:
Cierra Candles is located in Lakeside, MT and owned by A Little Candle and Bath Shop.


Bramble Berry Soapmaking Supplies

(1) Striped Berry Champagne Cold Process Soap Kit ($76.52 MSRP)

Product Description:
The Striped Berry and Champagne Cold Process Soap Kit includes everything you need to make beautiful, pink ombre soap! Fragranced with a blend of Blackberry Cybilla and Champagne Fragrance Oils, each layer is separated with a Aqua Pearl Mica line. Included in this kit is a 10” Silicone Mold, which makes unmolding your project extremely easy.
Product Link: http://www.brambleberry.com/Striped-Berry-Champagne-Soap-Kit-P5857.aspx


TKB Trading, LLC

(1) Nail Polish Kit

Product Description:
Swirl your colors into a nail polish project with TKB’s Starter Kit. (MSRP $35.00 domestic shipping only).




Soap Stable Coloured Micas

2 x (25 x 5g pots of soap stable coloured micas) (MSRP $51.00)

(4) 2 x (9 x 25g bags of soap stable coloured micas) (MSRP $47.00)

The above prizes are not for sale on our website in the format in which we are offering them but have been put together as a special unique gift.



Saponifier Magazine



Hardcopy of the May/June 2014 “Design Mania” issue (containing the 4-tutorials which this contest is based on) ($17.95 MSRP)


1-Year Saponifier Magazine Subscription ($24.95 MSRP)


Saponifier Magazine Flash Drive loaded with 15-years of back-issues ($89.95 MSRP)



(1) GRAND PRIZE PACKAGE (worth $348.37)

$50.00 Web Store Credit @ Formulator Sample Shop

Soapmaker “Lite” Program @ Mossy Creek Soap Studio($49.00 MSRP)

$25.00 Web Store Credit @ Camden-Grey Essential Oils, Inc.

$15.00 Web Store Credit @ Cierra Candles

Striped Berry Champagne Cold Process Soap Kit @ Bramble Berry Soap Making Supplies ($76.52 MSRP)

Saponifier Magazine Flash Drive loaded with 15-years of back-issues ($89.95 MSRP)

1-Year Saponifier Magazine Subscription ($24.95 MSRP)

Hardcopy of the May/June 2014 “Design Mania” issue (containing the 4-tutorials which this contest is based on) ($17.95 MSRP)

(4) CATEGORY PRIZE PACKAGES (worth $221.95)

$10.00 Web Store Credit @ Camden-Grey Essential Oils, Inc.

$15.00 Web Store Credit @ Modern Soapmaking

Your Choice: Coloring Soap with Confidence, by Lori Nova Endres OR Coloring Soap Naturally, by Ruth Esteves ($29.00 MSRP) @ The Nova Studio

$10.00 Web Store Credit @ Cierra Candles

Nail Polish Kit @ TKB Trading ($35.00 MSRP)

Soap Stable Coloured Micas: 2 x (9 x 25g bags of soap stable coloured micas) @ UMakeitUp (MSRP $47.00)

Soap Stable Coloured Micas: 2 x (25 x 5g pots of soap stable coloured micas) @ UMakeitUp  (MSRP $51.00)

1-Year Saponifier Magazine Subscription ($24.95 MSRP)

May/June 2014

March/April 2014

Oils, What’s Not to Like?

Oils. Who loves oils more than those who make soap and body products?


Many of us try as many oils as we can get our hands on (or afford), eagerly reading the fatty acid profiles and attributes of each oil while planning which products would be the best use of our precious oils.


To be honest, previous to soapmaking and bath and body, I never paid much attention to oil. I’d use it in cooking, but I never wanted it on my skin. Once I began my journey in producing skin products however, I saw oils in a totally different light. Oil was good. It was pure and was beneficial. It nourished my skin and helped me to heal. It had vitamins! Oil was in nearly every product I created, from soap to salves to lotion and more. What’s not to like?


And yet, the subject of oils causes a great deal of consternation among soap and bath and body makers. Which oils should I use? Which oils are good for soap or lotion or shampoo or liquid soap? Indeed, there is so much to learn that I feel as if I have only scratched the surface. I think I have a grasp on the breadth of oils available to me and then I hear of another one I never knew existed. Isn’t the continual opportunity to learn what makes this job or hobby so much fun? By the way, for the purposes of this discussion, my use of the term, “oils,” pertains to fats, as well.


Consider CP/HP soapmaking, for example. We have a hundred oils we might use, but we need to narrow our choices down to a manageable few. So, what do we choose? For a long time now, I’ve been convinced that if we were to choose our soapmaking oils and fats according to their fatty acid profiles and properties, we’d choose much differently than we often do and would value certain oils more than others because our opinions had no base in cost.


Nevertheless, we are usually restricted by price and availability, which may seem like a bad thing, but it isn’t. There is no shame in using inexpensive oils that are easily available. In fact, many would argue that using expensive luxury oils in soap is a waste of money since it’s washed off almost as soon as it’s applied. Others insist that certain oils, albeit pricey, give their soap a luxurious performance that cannot be matched with “everyday” oils.


I tend to side with the former, believing that some humble, commonly found oils are actually excellent oils, providing us with lovely soaps to bathe with.  What about you? Do you enjoy using more common, less expensive oils, or are you a person who appreciates oils more when they’re rare and expensive?


Either way, it’s a discussion that ends with, oils. . . what’s not to like? Want to learn more? Subscribe to the Saponifier!

Until next time, may your days be filled with bubbles and wax.


Beth for the Saponifier

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