Are you like Ben Franklin’s Father?

Back in the early days of colonial USA, living in cities and towns would be a tradesperson who made soap and candles.

As a matter of fact, Ben Franklin’s father, Josiah, was a soap and candle maker and seller, supporting his family with this business.  The family was not particularly well-to-do, but if Josiah Franklin could support 17 children, it couldn’t have been too poor a vocation!

It’s easy to see why Josiah and others like him manufactured both soap and candles, because they were both made from tallow.  The tallow they used was beef tallow, but many other animal fats are called tallows, also, such as deer and bison.  The most notable exception to that is lard, which is pig fat.  Why it’s not called pig tallow, I have no idea, but, I digress.  I have never seen or heard any of my candle-making friends speak of tallow candles, so that natural association no longer exists, but it makes me wonder how many of our readers do make both soap and candles.

Do you make both?  If so, why?  What is the common bond between the two products that makes one a natural lead-in to the other?

We’re looking forward to reading your answers!

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