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Feedback we have received–

I ordered 3 back issues to sample and was thrilled with your content! Now on to order my subscription :) Kathy Parham

I have a binder called “Saponifier” and I have each issue printed out at a copy shop, three hole punch them and then have it out for the students to see. For me there is too much heavy black text as a background on some of the ads, so i send the .pdf file to a copy place and they print it out for me. Lori Nova, The Nova Studio

I’m sure your workload is massive, but again, very much appreciated. Saponifier is an awesome magazine & a huge help to many. It’s been discussed on several of my Yahoo Groups lately & been getting lots of raves for how helpful it is. – Tamy Tivis, Elements Bath & Body

You guys are the GREATEST! Thank you sooooooo much for these publications. I’m thoroughly enjoying your magazine. Good job. Thanks for putting it out there. – Pat Allen, Gran’ Nanny’s Goat Milk Soaps, Inc.

You have a great magazine that I read each and every page and will refer back to it.  My computer will not print it as it has megabites of info.  I learned just to save it and read it online and copy a page at a time when I want to use a recipe or whatever.  Thanks so much for such a great magazine. – Kay Rose, Abbey’s Handcrafted Soaps

I could not live without Saponifier.  It’s my inspiration. – Delores Harris, Daisy May Natural Soap

I am looking over the sample issue, and I am truly wowed.  I am not easily impressed, but this has me from cover to cover.  Very fine work. – Pam Keller

I just love this mag. Better than the Big Kids (Happi, GCI and such) mags, in my opinion. No b.s, just straight facts and real issues, not hyped up fluff and smoke/mirrors. – Sandy Meyer

RE: Back Issues: There is so much valuable info that you have in those issues – I am learning so much! Thanks again! – Nancy Johnson

Well, I just printed this puppy up on my B/W laser printer. Looks snazzy, even in B/W. I’m really looking forward to reading it. I could tell from the site and looking at old issues that you were going to do a good job on this launch. I know you thought you’d worked all the website bugs out before the launch but that’s never how it goes. You have such a great rep in the soaping community that people are willing to cut you the necessary slack. That’s a gift you’ve earned yourself from your past performance. Thank you for your help with this. – Sherry Young (off to savour the new issue)

RE: July/Aug 2007 Issue: I have enjoyed the Saponifier so very much. You started publishing about the same time I really got into soaping. The articles have always been interesting and helpful. This month is no exception. – Ginger Muenster

I’ve subscribed and just got my second issue – I love it!  It looks great, the articles are great… Many congratulations on the relaunch. – Alicia Grosso

I’m really enjoying the new Saponifier. It’s got a lot of “stuff” rather than the lot of “fluff” that you get with many other magazines. :)Karen White

RE: Soapy Myths & Other Bedtime Stories
I’m so happy this was included in the Sept Issue!  I got all of them correct, tee hee. I’m getting so tired of trying to dispel some of these myths on various soapmaking groups…over and over and over to the point of utter redundancy.  Thanks for enlightening others! – Leann Blackey

Congrats on your Relaunch!!! Wonderful first issue. Looking forward to many good things to come. – Janie B (aka Dixichiq)

A WONDERFUL first issue! I will be subscribing. Again, congratulations on your new publication! -Luv4Country Soaps

I started soaping after your magazine stopped being published but had heard such great things about it.  I’m very excited about your comeback and wish you great success!! –  Betty

Wow… so glad you’re BACK! Best wishes and Happy Ponifyin’!!!s ~Carol :) – Simply Soap

CONGRATULATIONS on your re-launch of Saponifier Magazine! I look forward to visiting on July 1st – ! Byrna Tracy

Great to meet you all with the team link. Looking forward to seeing your first issue. – Chris

I am looking forward to this. Thanks Beth for letting me know about the Saponifier ; ) – Huggs, Bekka

I’m glad to see a good product being saved, and reopened! I look forward to reading the-new magazine. – Gabby

Congratulations Kathy, I’m sure many folks such as myself are really looking forward to the re-launch of The Saponifier. And, what a nice line up in your crew!! Very Exciting. – Alice H

I am so happy to see that you are coming b a c k ! I m i s s e d y o u. – Irena aka soapbuddy

The following responses were received when Saponifier was published in hard-copy format between the years of 1998 – 2001

Good Morning, I just received my back issues of the Saponifier. How happy I am that I went ahead and ordered all of them.

You have a real winner here! I know there are many who appreciate all the hard work that goes into this publication. I am so glad that I finally subscribed. Cheers! – Paige – Wildly Scented Soaps & Herbal Luxuries

I’ve subscribed to many soap digests and newsletters and yours is tops…. It’s diversity of topics, timely events and tone is wonderful… Enclosed is my subscription renewal. THANKS! – Patty

Hi Saponifier! I wanted to let you know that I look forward to each issue of your newsletter and read each one cover to cover, sometimes more than once! I save each issue and place them in a special note book for my Saponifier Reference Book! I would like to compliment you on the variety of subjects and very useful education you give to us readers, it is much appreciated. – Terrie – Mt. Adams Soap Co.

Many thanks to all! I just received my first copy of The Saponifier and found it to be VERY informative rewarding!! I plan on ordering some pertinent back issues. Keep up the good work. – Marsha – Laurel Country Herbs

Please renew our subscription for one year. We appreciate the expanded formats of the publication and look forward to another year of good reading.- Beverly - Paradise Soap-Works

Just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying the Saponifier! The cover looks cool! Lots of great info! Keep up the good work! Merry Everything! – Maggie – Of the Earth Soapworks