Subscriber FAQs

Frequently asked questions

When Will My Subscription Begin?

If you are ordering a new subscription, or renewing a subscription that has expired, you may find the following chart helpful in determining the issue that will start your subscription. The date listed next to each issue is the date your subscription must be received. If you choose to mail in your subscription we date stamp upon receipt, please allow plenty of time for postal delivery.

You Will Receive The Following Issue: If Payment Is Received By:
Jan/Feb Issue January 15th
March/April Issue March 15th
May/June Issue May 15th
July/Aug Issue July 15th
Sept/Oct Issue Sept 15th
Nov/Dec Issue Nov 15th

If your ordering a new subscription or renewing an expired subscription past the date listed above, you can still add the current issue to your order.

(Newly released issues are sent out via E-mail in .pdf format to subscribers on the 1st day of Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sept, Nov).

I would love to subscribe to Saponifier but I am concerned about giving my credit card details over the internet. How can I be assured that there is no risk of fraud occurring on my card.

Although our online order page is setup though a SSL Secure (128-bit encrypted Secure Sockets Layer), we do offer an alternative for those who prefer to pay offline. Click here to print a hardcopy subscription form that you can mail in.

I cannot read the downloaded pdf file. When I click on it, I get a pdf screen that is mainly black (no words, etc.) and a couple error messages pop up – Error ‘Cannot find color space named C50 and Error ‘The file contains information not understood by the viewer, Suppress further errors? What am I to do?

Which version of the Adobe Reader do you have installed? If you have not upgraded it in awhile, this might be the culprit. You can download the latest version here http://www.adobe.com/products/reader
Also, this is an excellent site which explains why you might be experiencing errors when opening and viewing pdf files. It also gives you detailed instructions on how you can fix the problem. http://www.bnl.gov/itd/webapps/pdf_help.asp

I am a new subscriber. Where do I go to download each issue?

We send out an email to our readership each issue with a link to download each issue as they are published.

How would I go about canceling my subscription once I’ve subscribed?

Please send an email to Saponifier@gmail.com with a request to unsubscribe.

I have not received an email with the latest issue.

If you do not receive an email from on the 1st day of the following months (Jan, March, May, July, Sept, Nov), please email us at saponifier@gmail.com, as that suggests that our email was unable to reach you due to spam filters or another technical reason.